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Tony Norton 02-05-2013 11:26 AM

A better way to access Fuel Level Sensor? No, there isn't!
Re: 2002 Grand Cherokee WG 2.7CRD

Hi All,

Frank ("Frango") in Brazil has advised me that access to the Fuel Level Sensor is gained by dropping the Fuel Tank.

This is probably the approved method, he does seem to know his way around Jeeps. but I have to ask why are there 2 panels in the bottom of the recessed housing for the spare wheel? These would appear, from a 'location of sensor' drawing I have found, to be above where I would expect the tank fill, and fuel outlet to be. I haven't attempted to remove them as they look to be either spot riveted or 'auto glue' secured. I would guess this is a US auto manufacturers' safety feature - "It must not be possible for fumes from the fuel tank to get into the cabin area." being the sort of wordage I would expect to find in the safety regs.

Has anybody out there actually attacked these panels? If so, how are they fixed? I am reluctant to fetch a hacksaw to the bottom of the spare wheel recess, but would be quite prepared to have a go at some 'glue' if it gets round the aggravation of lowering the tank, as I can't find any instructions for this operation such as, what has to be disconnect from the tank etc.

Please help, as I am more than ever convinced, as a result of erratic readings on the fuel gauge, that a poor connection at the sensor is what is sending out duff signals causing the system to go down. (See my previous posts on EVIC).

Thanks in advance guys,

Tony N


I've had a good look at the metalwork above and around the fuel tank and, no, there seems to be no other way to access the pump and level sensor than to remove the tank. Thank you Chrysler!

DHart 02-08-2013 11:53 AM

Re: A better way to access Fuel Level Sensor?
I have a German version Limited with the 4.7l gas engine. I have been messing around in the spare tire well for a few different reasons and I'm almost positive that there are no panels in mine. I haven't gone out to check because I have a ton of crap back there right now, but is it possible that the previous owner may have cut out these panel for just the reason you are asking? (easier access after he/she had to drop the tank?)

Frango100 02-08-2013 04:34 PM

Re: A better way to access Fuel Level Sensor?
On my European build WG there are 2 pieces of hard plastic or alike, glued to the metal in the spare wheel area, but when i had my tank down i didnīt see any sign of an opening from down below. When you want to cut a hole in the spare wheel area, you will have to be very carefull in not cutting into the plastic tank.
I would not take that risk and just lower the tank. It will take quite some hours for the whole job to complete, but it is not difficult.
But the fuel level sensor is just a variable resistor, which is hardwired directly to the PCM, no PCI bus involved in this. Would not expect the PCI bus to go down due to problems in the fuel level sensor circuit.

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