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i0r15 01-09-2010 11:09 AM

LED Fender Vents
I've always hated cheap plastic fake fender vents. A pathetic effort in "modding" your ride if you ask me.
However....was browsing some accessories sites yesterday and saw that putco now has LED fender vents. And I don't know why, but they really caught my attention. :o
So what do you guys think? Do or don't?? :thumbsup::slapfight:
Could somebody please photoshop them on a WK to see how it would look like?

robpp 01-09-2010 11:23 AM

Re: LED Fender Vents
not for me but have a party bro.

Chaoul1 01-09-2010 11:29 AM

Re: LED Fender Vents
I Think it's a little too much but if you like it go for it!

White WK Swagga 01-09-2010 11:32 AM

Re: LED Fender Vents
I say a big fat NO. IMO they only look good if it comes from the factory with the fender vents. I have yet to see a vehicle with them that looked nice. Thats just IMO... Sorry...

DAVY27 01-09-2010 12:04 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
A No as well for me. I like the Led Vents but if it doesnt come from the factory it wouldnt look right.

i0r15 01-09-2010 12:34 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
^^That's my exact thoughts about stick on vents without leds. Must be the light that makes the product per se look good. Though good looking or will probably look like donkey a$$ on vehicle.

Scottina06 01-09-2010 01:24 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
there is an SRT with Caddy fender vents(oem ones) and it looked ok

LTrainGC 01-09-2010 01:50 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
Definitely not my style. Especially if they aren't functional. But it is your ride and your money.

Frankie 01-09-2010 02:37 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
I actually like them! LOL

Frankie 01-09-2010 02:43 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
I suck at PSing stuff, but...

White Chocolate 01-09-2010 04:20 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
i actually like them to, only the single led tube tho

i0r15 01-09-2010 11:34 PM

Re: LED Fender Vents
Appreciate the PS doesnt look too bad. Not that you didn't do a good PS job :p, but im not convinced at all. Less after reading this.


Easy tape-on installation with durable automotive 3M tape eliminates the need for drilling and cutting. Wires also splice easily into your running lights.
Don't know how they splice the wires into the lights without drilling a hole in the fender...but that's something I would never ever do for a putco accessory

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