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BobJames 02-07-2013 06:33 PM

A few days ago, I was pulling into a driveway to jump start a car...
I slid on the ice, and slid right into the car I was jump starting.

My jeep started steaming/smoking- A LOT- I thought somehow I killed the radiator, but it dispersed in about 5 minutes. There was no radiator fluid to be found anywhere, and levels were fine.

I also noticed the pungent smell of the vapors;slightly burning to my eyes and throat and people in the house even smelled it. No fluid on the white snow to be seen, but the fact my brake pedal now had no pressure, and the fluid was low told me i blew a brake line. I figured it sprayed on the engine and burnt right off.

I've worked on cars for 15 years now, but am new at my job, so I got the jeep to a garage. I told them what happened, they agreed it sounded like a brake line. I told them while they had the jeep, to replace the rear pads too.

They could not find a broken brake line anywhere, did not spot any leaks. They changed the rear pads and filled up the brake fluid.. and pumped the pedal to bleed yet could not get enough pressure to force any air out, nor did the fluid go down.

anyone have any ideas ?

It is a 97 Cherokee Laredo, with ABS

Frango100 02-07-2013 07:39 PM

Re: Brakes
Could be a problem with the ABS. Donīt know if the ABS from the Cherokee is the same as from a Grand Cherokee, but there probably is a hydraulic control unit for the ABS with an electric pump. Because you where sliding on the snow, the ABS should have tried to get the wheel(s) spinning again and should have released the respective brakes. Maybe some leak overthere? Otherwise a problem with the master cylinder.

BobJames 02-07-2013 08:15 PM

Re: Brakes
Great... Thanks !! I do believe it is officially called a Grand Cherokee Laredo.

I'll look into the ABS System a bit closer; I also wondered if there might be some sort of pressure relief valve device that blew off brake fluid when the pressure built up too much..there has to be a reason I smelled burning brake fluid....i hope

hummer recovery team 02-07-2013 10:11 PM

Re: Brakes
Maybe a brake master cylinder, I had one to out on a previous car and it leaked fluid on the manifold and smelled awfull.

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