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Tony Norton 02-08-2013 11:41 AM

Intermitent EVIC & other failures solved, but not cured - yet!
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Re UK Reg 2002 Grand Cherokee WG 2.7 CRD

Hi All,

I think I have finally solved my electrical/electronic problems and, I hate to say this, it was actually a main dealer who found it. Cost me 1.5 hours @ an hourly labour rate of 80 ($120) plus VAT @ 20% (total 140) but, give them their due, they did actually spend 2.5 hours, not 1.5 hrs, working on it.

Their report reads: -

"Investigate loss of a lot of electrics from vehicle. Followed diagnostic path to find possible issue with gear lever module taking bus network down. Installed donor part & issue was no longer present. Re-installed original part and issue returned.

Replacement gear lever assembly required."

Problem now is, they want a grand total of 800 ($1200) to do the job. I know it would come with a 2 year warranty, but that's one helluva lot of money for a vehicle that's probably worth 3000 ($4500) at best. Wife says "Get it done!" (Yes, including the exclamation mark) but I can't help thinking that before I do I would rather remove the lever module myself and have a look at it. Looking at the attached 'pdf'' there seems to be not much to be removed to get at the relevant, electrical, part. Also the dealer did the job twice, plus diagnosis, plus test drives, within a 2.5 hour period. Sounds like something around an hour's work to remove the part. I can't help feeling that I may find a dodgy connection or component in the module that I could, possibly, fix myself.

Has anybody out there ever done this job? If so, could you possible point the way for me please? It's the "Quadra Trac" version.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Tony N

Frango100 02-08-2013 12:57 PM

Re: Intermitent EVIC & other failures solved, but not cured - yet!
Hi Tony, we just had a guy more or less 3 weeks ago who also changed the shifter module due to PCI bus failure. He found a second hand one and installed it himself, seemed to be quite easy to do. Will see if i can find his thread again.
Just found it, his name is Hybrids, send him a pm or so.

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