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JEEPON22S 02-09-2013 11:26 AM

4.7 L V8 Cold Stalls Issues Help
I been having issues with my 2005 Jeep GC Limited 4.7L engine stalling on cold starts. I was at Firestone today getting an alignment and I mentioned to the manager about the stalling and asked if it was the crankshaft sensor. He advised me get my computer flashed at the jeep dealer as I was not sure when it was done last. I have read posts online but I want more input of owners on what will fix this before i pay 115$ to re-flash + crankshaft sensor + more and have this still be the issue. I know there has to be service bulletins out there everyone says this is common. I found this post below but does not say on the 4.7L if that is the problem i know it might be crankshaft sensor on the 5.7

- 2005-07 4.7L Stalling under multiple circumstances, After hard driving, after regular driving, whole at running temp, while cold. From moving to a complete stop, idle will drop well below 500 rpms and occasionally stall out. TSB, requires reflash of computer or possible need to slightly over fill tranny fluid, ATF+4, Possible crankshaft position sensor, (not confirmed on 4.7 yet) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NOT CONFIRMED???? SO is it sensor or computer or what

2005JGC 02-09-2013 03:11 PM

Re: 4.7 L V8 Cold Stalls Issues Help
does your idle fluctuate when it is running? The throttle position sensor is VERY common on these and could cause multiple concerns, I would initially not suspect crankshaft position sensor... further testing MIGHT reinclude it in suspects but it would NOT be a place I started.

There may be a flash, I dont recall one for dieout on this rig, idle quality I do remember there being one for though.

JEEPON22S 02-11-2013 08:26 AM

Re: 4.7 L V8 Cold Stalls Issues Help
Yeah it is just happens on cold start or seems to be after the car has been sitting 2 days or more without running. I do see a flash for the PCM or some service bulletin to increase the idle rpm from 500 to 580. Mabey this will help. I know when I drive and its cold if i dont keep my foot on the gas a little or stop at a stop sign and it has not been running for a lil while it will stop dead right there. Its like the pedal has to be pressed down for atleast 1 min of driving or if i let off or stop it could stall and engine stops.

JEEPON22S 02-13-2013 01:11 PM

Re: 4.7 L V8 Cold Stalls Issues Help
Yesterday at Jeep Dealer I got a few things serviced which helped the Jeep run alot smoother and the transmission shift smoother and so far no cold stall issues but if it happens again I will update this post with the possible fix if I have to take it back..

What was fixed-

*Spark Plugs changed first time at 91,000 miles...
* 2 Flash updates for PCU or PCM I forgot the module
* Throttle body sensor changed it was not working

Result- Smooth shifts, better RPM and looks like my fuel economy went up atleast 2 miles per gallon.

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