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Frango100 02-14-2013 10:40 AM

Transgo shiftkit update
So here is just an update on how the Transgo shiftkit is behaving itself.
After the rebuild and the shiftkit installation, some of the shifts where a bit harsh, but most of them went smoother. Finally only the 1st to 2nd was still a bit harsh and the 4th to 5th a lot. Using a proper scanner learned that the CVI´s (its a calculated value which the TCM uses as a measure of volume to apply a clutch) for the 2C clutch where still well over the limits (this was due to the problems i was having before with the 2C clutch pack, which was causing a much to high CVI) . I decided to look for a DRBIII scanner, which i finally located, and the mechanic and i did the Quick Learn reset test. During this test all CVI´s will be set back to factory standard and during further driving the TCM can make small adjustments to make all shifts as smooth as butter. This test is required to be performed after changing the tranny, rebuilding the tranny, changing the TCM, changing the solenoid block or the valve body. There is even a TSB which is telling to do the Quick learn test after each fluid change, but i have never done so and never had any problem.
The CVI´s are a measure of the wear (or eventually a leakage) of the clutch packs, so it can give some idea of the internal state of the tranny.

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