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NHPATRIOT 02-14-2013 06:38 PM

Sirius/GPS Antenna Question
Ok, I have a 2011 Patriot. It does not have GPS Navigation and is not a Media Center 430-730 model. Just the standard AM/FM/CD w/ Sirius( has the UConnect button on the face but it doesn't work ). It does have Premium Sound. I am in the process of upgrading the head unit to a Navigation model( see below )and I have a question about the OE antenna on my vehicle now.

I have been reading on various Chysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep message forums like this one( including OEM Auto Parts Co as well )that all 2011+ Jeeps( Chrysler branded vehicles )with factory Navigation use a dual Sirius/GPS antenna. I have further read that if you have at least Sirius you already have that dual antenna. Does anyone know if this is actually true and even more specifically for a 2011 Patriot w/ Sirius?

The head unit I am getting is not Sirius capable and that is fine with me as I never use it. It does have GPS Navigation however and I would like to use the factory Sirius(GPS?) antenna if it will work. I would much rather use the OE antenna if I can than mess with an aftermarket GPS antenna.

I know the factory antenna will have the yellow Sirius FAKRA connector. The head unit I am getting has the blue GPS FAKRA connector. If I get a yellow to blue adpater extension cable like the one below and my factory antenna is in fact a dual purpose one that should work right? Like the one shown here...

The head unit I have coming( due here tomorrow actually )is an Astrium GEE-0809. It is a direct OE equivelant replacement and appears to use the RHB 430N layout on back. Astrium is an authorized Chrysler head unit builder and they say they make the head units for non US sold MOPAR head units. True? It sure looks to be basically a factory case, face plate, and all of the connectors on the back. Just some different software vs OE. More than 50% less than a MYGIG 430N RHB/730N RHR when comparing new cost vs new cost including 4 years of warranty with the Astrium( 1 yr factory + 3 yr extended ).

It appears to me that as long as I have the dual antenna like a 2011+ w/ Sirius is supposed to have that I should be able to use the adapter shown above to get GPS signal. I would think the worst case scenario is it just doesn't get a signal and I have to use the aftermarket one. I can't see it actually hurting anything electronically or am I wrong on that? It is just an antenna signal right?

Would just be so much easier to use that OE antenna witrh that short adapter vs having to route and mount a GPS antenna. Anyway, I appreciate any help or input.


This is the head unit I have coming and as you can see it is basically the 430N RHB layout on the back. The antenna locations are switched up but still just the 2 in the same physical location. The face plate buttons have different names and/or locations vs the 430 RHB but it is the same # and the AUX and USB and such are all there. It is fully plug n play using the factory connectors right into the radio itself not adpater harnesses( except GPS antenna )and is compatible with my steering wheel controls and the Premium Sound as well( a problem with a lot of aftermarket head units )...

RageOfFury 02-25-2013 04:14 PM

I'm sorry that nobody replied to you. What's the news on the aftermarket headunit? Did it work?

NHPATRIOT 02-25-2013 07:04 PM

Re: Sirius/GPS Antenna Question
No big deal. Sometimes a thread goes for months with hundreds of replies and other times it dies a lonely death. :lol:

It went fine and works great. I am glad I went with this unit over a MYGIG. I basically got a MYGIG for $1000-$1500 less( new price ).

I couldn't use the antenna adapter above however because the GPS antenna input on the head unit was set back in a bit and the end on the adpater was too big to slide into the opening around it so it could lock on. It would have clipped on if there was room. Had to use the GPS antenna that came with the head unit.

Here is a how to I did on it...

RageOfFury 02-25-2013 07:41 PM

Re: Sirius/GPS Antenna Question

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