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MKPUnity 02-17-2013 02:27 PM

Mangaflow mids
Has anyone used the Mangaflow mids for the 06-10 srt on the 5.7 hemi with srt manifolds with out throwing a whole bunch of codes?

Having a real tough time locating a set of stock srt mids and and cant justify dropping a grand for new set of the srt mids when i have seen the magnaflow from $4-600.

DannyVtCa 02-20-2013 03:05 PM

Re: Mangaflow mids
I would stay away from the magnaflow mids. They have serious fitament issues... The cats are bulkier than stock srt8 cats and seriously rub the tranny. To get them to fit on my rig I had to remove the x pipe and butt weld some 3 inch pieces.... but he tranny rubbing was unacceptable to me. Also, the stock mids off srt8 have less fitament issues, but you need to drop the trans support member 1-2 inches to get them to clear properly. The further down you drop the transmission member, the more clearance you will have with the transmission. But you run into a problem with dropping it too far because the stock 6-7 inch bolts that hold it to the frame get too short, and it is scary driving around with your tranny being supported by just a few threads. There are a few specialty bolt companies that can sell you 8 new bolts, probably looking at 6-8 buck a bolt.

DannyVtCa 02-20-2013 03:07 PM

Re: Mangaflow mids
The magnaflow for me through a 420 codes and just didn't fit at all. I have srt8 mids, but I bought them with the full srt8 exhaust and if I were to sell them they would have to sell together. I paid 350 for them total, but 400 to ship them. The shipping would probably be less to British Columbia from california, since it may be shorter and I kept the three oversize boxes that probably cost pretty penny. Pm me if your interested. I had the full srt8 system on my rig for a week and a half, but got chicken because I had to smog my car. With the longer bolts I would have been comfortable leaving them on... Plus you need hardened steel washers to use for spacers.

DannyVtCa 02-20-2013 03:25 PM

Re: Mangaflow mids
I ended up cutting the flanges off the magnaflow and fabricating my current mid pipes out of 2.5'' 409 stainless mated to 5.7 cats. I noticed a big difference between the srt8 mids and exhaust vs. my current setup. They didn't throw any codes or anything. The throttle was much snappier. The srt8 mids I believe are 2.7'' diameter, vs magnaflow 3'', and stock 5.7 2.25''. 3'' magnaflow mids are way too big for our jeeps, I lost a lot of torque with them installed.

MKPUnity 02-22-2013 04:39 PM

Re: Mangaflow mids
Thanks for the all the info, saved me a whole lot of hassle. I am going to have to do a custom cat back because of the need for my factory hitch. If you decide to sell the mids in the near future I would be interested.

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