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cbcommander 02-17-2013 10:50 PM

Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies
Gonna sound very stupid, but im always willing to take on a project, i have an 06, commander 4.7L (1st off should have gotten the 5.7..i know dont rub it in) i love my jeep hauls me my wife kids, toys dogs, drunken buddies around.
ive recently come into an issue with my throttle body, and have decided to upgrade. to a BBK throttle body, come to find out BBK had the listing clearly marked but the internet dealer did not.
so im now proud owner of a 99-02 4.7L dodge/jeep 3 bolt throttle body.
still not the major issue, the only issue i for see putting this thing to work is different idle air control valves, the darn, thing hasnt come in the mail yet, however theres a difference in iac valve between the 2002 dodge 4.7 and the 06 jeep 4.7 (jeep uses 4 blade mini pin and dodge a 2 blade mini pin connector). im very tech swavy but they also dont sell wiring diagrams for the jeep commander yet (yet another reason) if anyone has the know how or knows anyone that has put a BBK 1723 in an 06 jeep 4.7L before please pass this on to them.
right now its looking like my options are:
(A) buy the 99-02 dodge iac valve and modify the exsisting 4 wire
(B) pray and hope theres enough room on the darn thing to machine shop a bracket for the 4 pin iac valve...which is highly do able since im navy the resources of craftsmanship is available.
(c) scrap this project and rebuild the one i got...and never toy around with it again.
would really love to see the 1723 come into play on this project though, i may be in california, but my commander doesnt have to meet ca smog criteria, still a legal resident of florida.
please help me from beating myself up over this mistake.

Hoguie7 02-18-2013 05:52 AM

Re: Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies
Seems to me that you'll like a little more power when you got in to a BBK throttle body huh? Check with guys on, they have a couple of goodies for your 4.7 you may want to try!

soontobesrt 02-18-2013 03:11 PM

Re: Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies
hmmmm, I too love little projects and tinkering around with stuff, but it seems to me your best bet would be to call up whomever you bought it from and send it back and have them replace it with the correct one. I do not see any issue since you said "the internet dealer did not mark it properly" so they are liable.

Also, this is not a mod that is going to really net you any noticeable performance gains so thats why I say, if you cant get the one you want, just get the OEM one you wanted (maybe some pedal feel - mostly placebo) and forget the possible headaches down the road. GL w/ the fix

stashgto 02-18-2013 04:17 PM

Re: Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies
I've gotta echo soon to be SRT send it back I don't like the Idea of trying to make a Throttle body fit.

b1llyw 04-20-2013 05:39 AM

Re: Anyone really knowledgeable about throttle bodies
I like the Fastman throttle bodies. I'd sell that BBK and get the right one for your year.

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