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Fght On 02-18-2013 12:10 PM

Roof Rail Chrome
Has anyone removed just the chrome portion of the roof rail on a Overland?

I'm trying to remove the chrome portion of the roof rails to get painted brilliant black. I took a look and there are 4 torque bolts and a plastic pin type piece.

Does anyone know if the bolts are for the complete rail or just the chrome?

If I have to remove the entire rail assembly is there a weather strip or any concern of leaking once I reattach?

Also is there any chance of loosing the nut in between the headliner?


ChrisOC 02-18-2013 09:29 PM

Re: Roof Rail Chrome
Fight -

I haven't done what you are looking for, but this thread may answer your questions.

I didn't read all of it, but it looks like you can tug the plastic caps off and just have the chrome piece. I hope it helps.

Also, why not just take the car to the shop and have it painted there, that way you don't need to even mess with taking the piece off and worrying about losing a nut or not having the rack retightened to the proper specs?

Fght On 02-19-2013 12:06 PM

Re: Roof Rail Chrome
Thanks Chris - did not find this thread in all my searches.

Even if I took it there they would still have to take it apart and I'm not sure I trust them more than I trust myself.

ChrisOC 02-19-2013 12:31 PM

Re: Roof Rail Chrome
They would have too if you wanted them to paint the entire chrome piece, I personally would have them just paint the exposed chrome. I'm like you though, I wouldn't trust them to take it apart.

Ernest 03-16-2013 04:26 PM

Re: Roof Rail Chrome
I wanted to do this also, but I thought I'd try something simple first just to see what would happen. I got a roll of black radiator repair tape from the local auto parts store and applied it to the chrome (clean it with alcohol first). It has a textured look, but from a few feet back it's almost unnoticeable, and definitely cleans up the look. It has been on there for almost a year now and been through at least a monthly high-pressure car wash, and the damn stuff is still hanging on like glue and looks like new! I do garage my car, however, so this may account for its longevity to some degree. Just an idea some of you might want to try.

roddaz 03-17-2013 03:44 AM

Re: Roof Rail Chrome
On my WK I have just done the opposite! removed the end pieces and flatted the black textured paint then wrapped the bars in body colour vinyl (bright silver) a good end result.
Will post pictures soon.

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