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JC_0105 02-18-2013 06:22 PM

What other Diesel does the Jeep drive like?
I drove the BMW X5 Diesel, VM Tourag TDI and a Mercedes ML350 Diesel over the weekend. What would you compare closest to the CRD? Personally I would rank the BMW/Mercedes as a tie for first. Both were very smooth on acceleration and felt very powerful. The BMW had a sportier feel and the Mercedes felt like I was floating over the road. The Tourag was very disappointing. When accelerating from a stop to around 20-25 mph it was not smooth and felt a little jerky. Maybe it was a bad one but was not very impressed. Since none of us have driven the '14 what do the prior years most closely compare to and what does anyone suspect the '14 will mostly compare to?


mpatel1080 02-18-2013 06:31 PM

Re: What other Diesel does the Jeep drive like?
I would assume that the Jeep would drive more like the Mercedes and VW because like those vehicles it has offroad capabilities which require more suspension travel. The X5 on the other hand is more of a crossover or SAV as BMW likes to call it, so its suspension is tuned for sporty road handling.

FredoinSF 03-28-2013 11:17 AM

Re: What other Diesel does the Jeep drive like?
With the continued CRD delays and cost of the option plus additional mandatory equipment in the US I started looking at certified BMW X5 35d models. Seems you can now get a well equipped CPO BMW with under 30k miles for low to mid 40's asking price. A year ago they were at 50k. With the X5 getting replaced with an all new model in 2014 prices are going to drop further once the new model hits the road.
Being a long time fan and owner of BMW cars but never having owned their large SUV, I can't wait to do a a back to back test drive of the Jeep and the X5 once the CRD's hit the dealer lots.
Anyone outside North America have experience with both?

d8smt 04-19-2013 04:07 AM

Re: What other Diesel does the Jeep drive like?
I drove a 13MY Touareg and an Audi Q5 (plus others, eg LR Evoque, Kia) before I decided on the Jeep. it drives like neither, it is quite different (which makes me think it would be completely different to the BMW also). The Touareg drives like an oversized VW Golf - it really is like driving a car. The diesel engine is a bit noiser in the Touareg when pulling away (more clatter) but on the road the Jeep drives like a - well, like a traditional 4x4. It's big, brash, not great in corners and is like driving a brick with loads of grunt. The VW & Audis were more like driving their car equivalent - much easier to drive if you're used to a car, seemingly less power in their engines. It's a completely different experience, it's hard to compare them directly. The JGC does drive very similarly to my old Touareg though (MY2006, 4.2V8) or my old Range-Rover (MY2000 4.6HSE). My partner & I both agreed that the German cars drive much better than the Jeep in terms of ease of driving, stability, car-like experience - she preferred the Audi but I still went for the Jeep because it is essentially a different experience. I think if you look at it along the lines of a German 4x4 is essentially a car upscaled to 4x4 and increased space, whereas a Jeep/Landrover is a traditional 4x4 coming down the scale to make a more car-like driving experience but not losing their 4x4 heritage or capabilities, then this would be a better comparison. Therefore all these reviews of Jeep GC vs Touareg are really a waste of time - they are SO different because their designs are based on different philosophies.

I would say you need to drive them to see what I mean. If you want a traditional 4x4 drive, go for the Jeep - and try maybe a Landrover Discovery, this should be similar dynamics. If you want a car-like drive with 4x4 capability and loads of room, consider a German car.

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