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Break20 02-22-2013 04:54 PM

Motor Blower Resistor question
I have the frequent AC/Heat only blows on high problem. 2005 WK.

I pulled the glove box out to inspect what the issue was after reading about the motor blower resistor. I found that the resistor was burnt out and also upon further inspection that the wiring harness that connects to the blower resistor was slightly melted...

At the time i replaced the resistor and the air still only would blow on high.

My next step is a new wiring harness. It just arrived today in the mail. So, I'm about to replace the wiring harness most likely tomorrow. My thought is to splice the new harness in soldering, shrink wrapping and taping. NOW, my question.... lol... Where does the other end of those wires go? I'm thinking maybe i shouldn't splice and possibly run the new wiring completely. I'm not sure how easy that is because i don't know where the wire goes...

Also, I heard this will just continue to happen and that relays or something need to be added and a few other things for a PERMANENT fix. Could anyone explain what the permanent fix is? What's the difficulty level?


Walt 02-24-2013 08:25 AM

Re: Motor Blower Resistor question

Originally Posted by Break20 (Post 765597)
.... 2005 WK.....I pulled the glove box out to inspect what the issue was after reading about the motor blower resistor. ...!

Related question to all: The '08's seem to have a captive pin for the glove box pivot . This needs to be released after the viscous damper and the top rubber stops are released.

How do you get them to pull out? Is is a screwdriver in the slots, over the top to pull the captive washer, or specifically how?

I want to look at the blower motor and electronic motor speed control module (replaces resistor on ATC models) today.

Thanks in advance.

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