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collosus76 02-23-2013 08:42 AM

Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
Hello all,
Not sure where to post this.

The parts Manager (and dealer in general) where I bought my Laredo have been great. Sales,service etc. He is willing to add the upgrades I have Done so far (Summit wheels, RHB, Automatic climate control etc) but is unsure how to do it. He has a section in the dealer connect that allows him to add certain things. Like Katzkin leather and pretty much anything that is in the "upgrades" catalog that Mopar offers.

I have read where Forum members have gotten their dealer to add Non Catalog items. Does anyone here know where he should be looking?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

collosus76 02-28-2013 10:04 AM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
Any thoughts?

Aggiesal11 04-08-2013 03:26 AM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
The adding upgrades to the VIN isnt an actual thing. the vin is a coded to the options that came with the car when purchased. to add a feature to the vin you need to get a different vin. which isnt possible.

bill_de 04-08-2013 06:18 AM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
VINs do not show individual options. They may indicate a trim level. But, for example, you buy a limited and order it with 20" wheels and an RA4 radio, it will come up as a limited.

When a vin is assigned, a Certificate of Origin is also produced. Most don't see these because the dealer typically turns it into DMV to get the vehicle titled. The vin on the vehicle, Certificate of Origin, and the Title are permanent. has a vin decoder that will let you know what each digit shows.

Your dealer may be able to update an internal record to show what's on the car ... Not sure. Messing with a vin can mean jail time.

viper99 04-14-2013 10:00 AM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
The Vin will decode that it is a jeep, what engine, where it was built, etc what year it is, the vehicle also has option codes, this is what gets updated when features are added to the vehicle, eg, if factory hitch is installed, then that option is added to that jeep, then is this case the jeep has to be reconfigured in the computer (tipim) in this case, for that option to work. This is for the factory trailer wiring to work. The actual vin does not change, just the option codes for that vin.

FAUEE 04-14-2013 12:07 PM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
The key point here is that the only place that will care about these aftermarket additions is the dealership you bought it from that is doing it. It will be tied to an internal document for them, that POSSIBLY could be seen by other CJD dealers, but in reality will do you no better as far as resale value is concerned.

You might get a couple hundred bucks more for it because it has leather., and about the same for nav, these are commonly added aftermarket accessories that people will actually want. But you're not going to get anything extra for the wheels, climate control, etc. because there's a limit to what the dealership will pay for a base model Laredo, Laredo E, etc.

Your best bet to try to recoup some of that money at the end of the day will be to sell it to a person who does place monetary value in your modifications. Modifications typically don't add any value to a vehicle when sold/traded in retail-wise, and in many cases will reduce value.

If a vehicle has things like a major exhaust upgrade (like headers, full cat-back exhaust, etc.), and other modifications (tuning, intakes, etc.) it's a red flag that the car has been thrashed, and that it could have warranty issues. As a result, it has lower value due to this risk, and most people buying the cars will want a clean and un-modified vehicle to start off with. Again, some people will view it as "well I was going to do those mods anyways!", but they typically don't pay top dollar for these vehicles at a dealer, and you'd need to sell it private party.

Suther 04-14-2013 07:40 PM

Mmmh, if you upgrade the head unit it mentions that you should go to the dealer to upgrade your VIN to be able to use the full functionality. But I guess they mean to upgrade the car system rather than the JGC system.

z0lt3c 04-15-2013 08:13 PM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
Some mixed information in this thread. Having previously purchased a Laredo E, and then piece by piece upgrading it to a Laredo X, and then trading it back to a Jeep dealer I can confirm/report the following:

1) The parts manager who helped me order and install all the MOPAR upgrades in my 2012 added each one to what he called my "Sales Order" -- This document is tied to your VIN in the dealer's computers and indicates what equipment your vehicle was sold with. The advantage of adding upgraded equipment to this list is that it becomes covered by warranty -- ie any Jeep dealer servicing the vehicle will think you ordered it from the factory with those options. I successfully added the following options to my sales order: 430 RBZ, Rear Cam, Park Assist, Katzkin Leather, Digital Climate Control, tow hitch and 18" wheels. Each one is coded by an acronym, unfortunately I don't know what the proper code is for each option but I can confirm all the listed options exist.

2) I had no trouble getting the dealers to offer me "Laredo X" pricing on my trade-in when swapping my 2012 E for a real 2013 X. I went to three of four different Jeep dealers and they all gave me trade values in the same general ballpark. The value was about $1500 higher then they would have offered for a basic Laredo E with none of my additional dealer installed options.

3) With regards to upgrading the head unit, if you don't care about warranty coverage, their is no need to go the dealer, the head unit is plug and play. You do need to go to dealer if you add a backup camera to the head unit, BUT ONLY if the head unit didn't previously have a backup camera connected. In most cases no dealer trip is required to upgrade to a MOPAR head unit.

4) On my 2013 I have been able to get them to add a tow hitch, color matched grill and a overland steering wheel. This time around I leased to take advantage of $6000 in rebates and was able to get them to residualize these options into the lease terms.

viper99 04-15-2013 09:18 PM

Re: Adding Upgrades to VIN#?
Yes this is correct, the actual vin# does not change, just he option codes for that vin get upgraded or added, and yes after some options are added, the dealer has to reconfigure the Jeeps computer for it to know it now has this option, and allow that option to function, eg back up camera. If these options fall under warranty can be covered by factory warranty.

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