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Andoskyy 02-28-2013 08:49 AM

How restrictive is the traction control?
I was wondering how restrictive the traction control system is and if it can be COMPLETELY disabled?

The traction control system on my Lexus IS350 was dangerously invasive. The first rainy day with it, I went to cross an annoyingly busy intersection near my house and the tiers slipped on a painted killed 100% of the power to the wheels and I was in the middle of the road for what felt like 10 seconds until it decided to put power down to the wheels.

From then on...if it were raining, every time I started out, I'd hit the TC button once which would allow me to spin the tires up until 30MPH. Then when it was snowing, I'd hold the button which would turn off TC and also stability control. I like to be in full control in the snow...especially with rear wheel drive....and when I want to do donuts :)

Will the Jeep let you slip a little bit and not kill all power? Can the TC be turned completely off and let you spin freely?



mka18 02-28-2013 08:58 AM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
I haven't used 4Low much but in regular snow mode if you slip a little sideways it kills the power like crazy. Feels a bit dangerous to me, I'd much rather feather the gas on my own at those low speeds without having to go into 4low. I think its more mental to get use to though than really dangerous as you can't really move anywhere when spinning anyway. But it sure is different when you are expecting to slide and the engine just dies. Not to mention its much less fun.

padgett 02-28-2013 09:15 AM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
Haven't noticed it at all including on "Florida ice" and in a deluge. My system may be too dumb to do much.

The Evil Twin 02-28-2013 04:53 PM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
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Coming from a Subaru, I have been pretty impressed with the traction control programming in the GC. Of course, it will depend on what GC you get. I can only speak to the QD II, which is more like AWD or active 4wd.
In "snow" mode, engine power output is reduced in 1st (and maybe 2nd) gear. Torque bias is also adjusted to a 50/50 split between the axles front/ rear. If wheel slip is detected, torque is redistributed as needed and brake drag is applied to the slipping wheel. We have not had much in the way of winter here but when we had a little glazing on the roads I went out to test. In these conditions, just to give you an idea, the ABS would step in when coming to a semi- agressive stop. It was slick, but not all out ice. From a stop, in "snow' mode, I romped on the gas and let it do it's thing. With lights blinking on the dash (the TC light) she took off pretty damn good. Not as seamless as the Subaru, but it never halted forward motion. I tried in normal mode and there was more slipping, but that may be due to power output or a less aggressive program regarding wheel spin.
Hope that helped. FWIW, go test drive one and find a gravel shoulder on a road. Stop with 2 wheels on and 2 off the road. Punch it and see what happens!

HammFist 02-28-2013 05:28 PM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
With QD II in Auto, the TC throttle-cut feature can and will bring you to a complete stop. I had it happen to me on a muddy dirt road after the stock tires filled with mud and became slicks. I was not impressed. I had to switch to SAND/MUD to get the Jeep to go anywhere. While I guess that is what the 4WD settings are for, I don't expect to have to select an off-road setting while on-road in order to go anywhere. So yes, the TC can be intrusive.

2012 Summit 02-28-2013 06:46 PM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
Partial Off

This mode is entered by momentarily pressing the “ESC
OFF” switch. When in “Partial Off” mode, the TCS
portion of ESC, except for the BLD feature described in
the TCS section, has been disabled and the “ESC Off
Indicator Light” will be illuminated. All other stability
features of ESC function normally.

This mode is intended
to be used if the vehicle is in deep snow, sand, or gravel
conditions and more wheel spin than ESC would normally
allow is required to gain traction. To turn ESC on
again, momentarily press the “ESC OFF” switch. This
will restore the normal “ESC On” mode of operation.

NOTE: To improve the vehicle’s traction when driving
with snow chains, or starting off in deep snow, sand, or
gravel, it may be desirable to switch to the “Partial Off”
mode by pressing the “ESC OFF” switch. Once the
situation requiring ESC to be switched to the “PartialOff”
mode is overcome, turn ESC back on by momentarily
pressing the “ESC OFF” switch. This may be done
while the vehicle is in motion.

f1anatic 02-28-2013 07:25 PM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
I am probably one of the few that always wanted Traction Control. Having a Subaru with 3 LSDs and just a few tastefully mild modifications [278 hp; 352 lb-ft at the wheels, no turbo lag (thank you Mitsubishi EVO 16G), pulling smoothly 2000-7000 rpm] on a car that weighs 3300 lbs...there have been a few times when sideways was just not fun at all.

It's good that you can turn it off on the Jeep. Unlikely that I will do that unless I am stuck in snow or sand.

penzly 02-28-2013 08:16 PM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
I have QT1, but I dont think there are differences in TCS function....Realizing that it can be manually turned off, I still do not like the TCS function when proceeding from a stop. I live in the snow belt and need to pull out of my neighborhood onto a 50 mph roadway. TCS will kick in potentially leaving the unprepared driver at risk of T-Boning, by totally shutting down power in the middle of the road. If I remember to turn it off, I can judge an acceptable level of slip vs increasing power. I would like to see a two stage function of TCS, say off below 30 mph but still active at routine cruise speed. I have had positive use of TCS on the highway when cought up in heavy snow or slush which can throw the vehicle, so I do appreciate its design value

Andoskyy 03-01-2013 07:30 AM

Re: How restrictive is the traction control?
Thank you for all the replies.

It's good to know there is a partial off. I'm sure I wont have the problems I had with my Lexus. 306HP to just the rear wheels made it slip a lot, kicking in the TC. Will be much better with an AWD vehicle.

I'll sill miss donuts though!

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