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Briant73 03-02-2013 06:48 PM

Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Been lurking on this site for a few weeks now and thought I'd finally join and ask people for some guidance/opinions on the 2014 GC.

Currently I'm driving a Highlander that has served me well but am looking to buy a new vehicle and the 2014 GC is on the short list, I test drove a 2013 limited V6 recently and liked it enough to stay interested when the 2014s came out. So far I am thinking either a Limited or Overland with the V6, the hemi sounds awesome but I believe the V6 will keep my mpg similar to what I'm used to with my Highlander. Some questions I have:

How's the reliablility and what should I watch for? My Toyota hasn't been perfect but so far no major issues and it still is solid overall. I like a vehicle that is built well enough that I'm a stranger to the service desk people and also is still solid after a few years because I can't stand rattles and squeaks.

Pano roof - I like this feature a lot, is there any downside to it other than cost?

Quadra-Lift - Is this really a benefit? I don't plan on doing much off roading or anything but this feature sounds like it could be helpful with shorter passengers and also older ones for entry/exit.

Which Sound system - I like listening to music when driving and want a decent sounding system than doesn't seem underpowered.

Best pricing - What tips do people have to get the best out the door price?

Thanks in advance.

JoeSchmoe007 03-02-2013 07:02 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Search Troubleshooting/Problems/Service forum for Quadra-Lift (breakdowns/nitrogen leaks -closed system can't refill itself with air) and Pano (rattles, leaks). Both are the source of problems for some people.

I personally ordered '11 Laredo X in 2010 because it could be had without QL or any moonroof. My old '98 ZJ got flooded twice because moonroof drains clogged, so I am averse to moonroofs in general. As far as QL - I didn't feel I needed it and technology was new and unproven at the time.

In 2014 lineup it seems at least some Laredo and Limited configurations can be had without QL and with small moonroof (or without moonroof).

As far as sound system - I don't care much about that so can't comment. The best for you would be go to dealer and listen to both systems available (AFAIK there are 2).

As far as best price - seems things are similar to what they were in'10. That is one can get invoice price or slightly under invoice without much hassle with TreadLightly membership but I see even better prices reported here recently.

ViperGTS 03-02-2013 07:07 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
If you want to make ingress/egress easier for short people you could get the SRT.

jacko15 03-02-2013 07:20 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Briant, welcome to the forum. As far as reliability goes, Jeep has definitely been improving over the last several years, but it's a machine, and Murphy's Law predicts that sh*t happens. We have a '08 Compass that is as rock solid as the day we bought it. So I know Jeep can build a great vehicle. If you peruse the trade journals, you'll start seeing that the JGC is probably one of, if not, the most popular SUVs ever. That has to mean something about reliability. Take a look around when you're driving, I'm sure you'll see plenty of old GCs still on the road. Make sure you test drive a '14, especially the V6, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

As far as the Pano roof, Quadra-Lift, and sound systems go, keep digging around the forum, there's a mess of info.

Best pricing for me came with the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards Program. Check it out, you may qualify.

Also look into the group buys some are involved with. Good luck!

bill_de 03-02-2013 07:27 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
I'm pretty sure that the sound systems in the Limited and Overland are the same. The difference is in their navigation. One has it installed and one comes without, but can be added by dealer.

QL has had some problems but according to one worker at JNAP has been upgraded for '14.

There are 2 new to Jeep 8 speed trannies. Designed by ZF, the one bolted to the V6 is built by Chrysler. The one bolted to the V8, for now, is built by ZF. It's to soon to determine reliability in this application, but it's promising.

So far the few members that have received their new Jeeps seem pretty happy.


gwnewman1 03-02-2013 10:48 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
I just picked up a '14 Limited after trading in my '12 Laredo. The differences in the two are night and day. I was originally planning to order a '14 Laredo configured like my '12 was. A few notes:

You don't need to get QL - Limiteds can easily be had without it. Mine does not and I'm perfectly happy. To me, it's more to break and like others have said, it has issues.

I like the pano roof - it is a LOT of glass. But, i've read about the rattles and didnt want to deal with it. A guy I work with has a '12 Limited with the pano and has had it rattle. In both my '12 and the '14, I opted for the single pane roof. Never leaked and hasn't rattled. I did have a rattle in the headliner of my '12, it was due to the headliner itself hitting the roof. The dealer replaced it under warranty.

I had the base sound system in my '12, the 130 with 6 speakers. It didn't sound bad, but the 10 speaker setup with the RA4 stereo in my '14 is definitely better. I was able to see the 5" Uconnect setup and screen at the dealer and then play with the 8.4" in another car...I couldn't even look at the 5" after that. It's a great system. Just remember to choose the one you want to keep, there's no telling how hard it will be to add an aftermarket system to the '14s, if it's even possible at all. Too much is controlled via the Uconnect system.

Check out the group buys if you can to get a good price. I signed up for Tread Lightly which gets you 1% under invoice at the minimum. However, I bought mine with the DC group buy and got 7% under invoice. In terms of getting a good OTD price, check out the pricing thread to find out what invoice is and start from there.

Briant73 03-04-2013 08:31 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Thanks for all the information. I stopped by a dealership this weekend to check out the 2014 they had in stock but they just got them and were covered in ice but they do look nice.

I have a quick question I see on the Limited a luxury group II, is there a group I also?

Northland 03-04-2013 09:00 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed

Originally Posted by Briant73 (Post 773011)
I have a quick question I see on the Limited a luxury group II, is there a group I also?

Check out first post in this thread - will give you every option and package available for all trim levels and the invoice cost for each:

I took delivery of my '14 Limited last week; so far am very happy with it! 8 speed tranny with the V8 is amazing, and the RA4 nav/Uconnect is, in my opinion, a must have item.

Briant73 03-11-2013 08:29 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Again thanks for the responses so far. I have played with 2014 configuration at and feel like either a Limited (possibly with lux package) or an Overland but have some new questions -
Hows the ride difference between QL and the regular suspension?

How does the overland 20" handle snow/ice/slush/wet? I'm not an off roader but do live in area that can get some deep snow and ice conditions.

Where does one find the tread lightly? I no longer work at a company that is a jeep Affiliate so that's out.

jgc4ever 03-11-2013 09:09 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
I plowed through 10 inches of drifted heavy wet snow this morning in the middle and end of my driveway with 20" Overland wheels with QTII. Didn't use 4Lo or even snow mode, and didn't have any problem at all. It was like there wasn't even any snow there. I have 16,000 miles on mine, lots of tread left.

The air suspension rides better, soaks up bumps more than the standard suspension. The interior is significantly nicer too with all of the extra leather and real wood trim.

Tread Lightly – Individual

$100 Individual Membership Level
  • All of the above benefits and
  • Eligibility to receive the Affiliate Rewards Program Preferred Price (1% below factory invoice) on the purchase or lease of most new Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, SRT and FIAT vehicles. The Preferred Price – combined with current incentives – can be up to thousands of dollars off the Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).*

Briant73 06-25-2013 08:18 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
I haven't posted in awhile but still in the market for a new vehicle and the 2014 GC is one the few I have narrowed it down to. I have decided either a practically loaded Limited (minus the advanced tech) or an Overland if I do go for a GC. I have a few questions though -

Has anyone measured the width and height of the rear cargo area with the door open? I am looking from floor to ceiling and also initial entry width wise and also the width from where the suspension intrudes. My highlander has a generous area and would like to compare.

As I said before I don't believe I can get a F&F discount and I currently drive a Toyota Highlander so other than tread lightly what tips and deals are there to get the best price/financing for a 2014 JGC?


Mcdenny 06-25-2013 09:16 PM

Re: Thinking about 2014 GC - help needed
Join Acess Fund for $35 and you then get the 'affiliate' price which is the same as friends and family, invoice less 1% plus $75. That's the most you will have to pay. Many people are getting 3 or 4% below invoice. I joined Access, gave the salesman my # and a screen print of the Chicago group buy deal (3% under) and he beat that price by a little bit after a one minute conversation with his sales manager.

Best group buy pricing is in Wash DC 7% below inv plus $499. Many people here have traveled to DC to take advantage of it.

It's currently taking about five weeks to get a car if you order from factory, longer of course if you live further from Detroit. I live in a Defroit suburb, ordered 5/28, car has been sitting in a lot waiting for transport to dealer since Monday morning, delivery at dealer expected next Monday.

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