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02JeepGrandCherokee 01-15-2010 09:05 AM

02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Hey guys, this is my first time in a forum so i'm sorry if there's already a thread about this issue if there was i just couldn't find it so work with me here :)
I have an 02 Grand Limited with the 4.7L High Output V8 in it that has had a squeak/chirp/squeal from the pit of hell itself for about six months now. I have replaced every, I mean EVERY single pulley EXCEPT the water pump and alternator. The water pump does NOT have any play in the pulley and it doesn't leak. I have used a stethiscope and listened to all the pulleys countless times, and none of them are making a noise that would indicate they're the problem. It has a gator-back belt that's about six months or so old and i have tried all the tricks, belt dressing, bar of soap, brake parts cleaner, scotch-brite, cleaned all the pulleys, and still get this hellacious sound.
It doesn't do it at start up or at idle, and you can power brake it to try and make it do it but it will only make it noise whenever the vehicle is in motion. It's not a wheel bearing or anything of the sort because it's ONLY when i give it some gas. When i let off it goes away. Please help!


Chaoul1 01-15-2010 09:30 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Power steering? Serpentine Belt(You said you tried everything)....Hopefully someone else chimes in.

02JeepGrandCherokee 01-15-2010 09:34 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Yeah i thought it might be that so about 3 weeks ago i replaced the entire pump and everything and still squeaks

Chaoul1 01-15-2010 09:37 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Could you make a video of it?

scjeep4.7HO 01-15-2010 11:32 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Is the AC compressor new? If not it could make the squeal when the clutch engages.

02JeepGrandCherokee 01-15-2010 12:23 PM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Yeah i'll try and make a video of it asap it's about to drive me mad lol... scjeep4.7HO, whenever it first started squeaking and i used the stethiscope i found that the ac compressor bearings were bad so i bought a whole new unit and it still squeaks lol

Oh and to make things even more exciting, when i got home this morning from my buddies house i heard a loud, loud clicking noise so i got out and checked everything under the hood before i cut it off. It sounded like it might have been in the valvetrain area so i checked the oil... I get my oil changed every 3500 miles and it has no leaks and doesn't burn oil (there's no smoke and no smell of it in the exhaust either), but i had to add about a frickin quart and a half or more of oil. Before i added oil it didn't even show ANY on the dipstick. Grrrr lol well idk i'm gonna ask my automotive instructor and see what he has to say

dreamer1213 01-16-2010 07:50 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
I don't know what the chirping/squeaking could be. Perhaps the alternator....its hard because your working on it by eliminating parts one by one. May be take it somewhere and have them narrow it down, and then replace that part. Might be your best bet, otherwise you might end up replacing everything when you could have just replaced one thing from the beginning.

As far as the oil issue...I'd get that checked out ASAP. If its not burning the oil, it could somehow have messed up and be pushing the oil into say...the cooling system, and not letting it back into the oil system...

02JeepGrandCherokee 01-16-2010 02:48 PM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Well I got the oil issue solved lol... I was looking in the engine bay with it running and noticed that the hose that connects the pcv valve to the main pcv hose was almost completely closed shut... The hose has just been in there so long i guess that it lost it's strength. So that was an easy fix.
As far as the sqealing goes, my mechanic said that it actually wasn't serpentine belt related, but he'd have to look into it more monday. I think it could possibly be the flywheel/torque converter. Anybody have any thoughts on the possibility of this?

95_V8_ZJ 01-20-2010 10:55 PM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
dont know much about the WJs but the clicking noise you described later in the post could be from a bad CV joint in the front.. that is of course if they use them instead of U-joints.. the ZJs with full time 4wd got CVs and the 2 wheel drive ZJs got u-joints in the front.. it will only click if its bad and going around corners (like in a parking lot)
let me know if that helps

02JeepGrandCherokee 01-21-2010 08:29 AM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Yeah i'm pretty sure my CV's are going bad anyway lol thanks for the help guys... I'm pretty sure it's gonna be the pinion bearing in the front Dana 30 so i guess i better start saving my money. Well, anybody know anything about the difficulty of changing this bearing?

bluetigger 02-23-2010 11:04 PM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Don't know if it will help you out any, but i had a chirping/squeel on my 04 4.0. turned out to be the harmonic balancer. had to replace the serpentine belt, and belt tensioner also. runs great now. now i just have to solve the problem of my hood refusing to open that appeared this weekend and ill be good.

good luck.

02JeepGrandCherokee 06-21-2010 01:27 PM

Re: 02 WJ 4.7 demon possesed squeal/chirp
Just wanted to let everybody know, it ended up being the front driveshaft. One of the joints in the double cardigan setup had completely broken off, and that's what was causing the squeak. Lol took me long enough to get it figured out :o

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