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The Evil Twin 03-15-2013 12:10 PM

Game: WK2 Tag!
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Shall we play a game?
Photo tag!
I have stolen this idea from my local motorcycle forum, but with a twist. We use a little mascot to go find and hide. My idea is a global game. Most of us like to show off our rides, right? Well, here is a fun little game to give us (additional) purpose to snapping pix of our Jeeps. Here is the way it works:
The first person (in this case me :D ) posts the “Tag” or clue. Let’s say….. Battlefield.
The first person to post a photo “Grab” of his or her JGC in a setting that matches the clue is now “It” . The photo could be in the parking lot of a Civil War battlefield, or at a football field, or even at a place with a sign that has “Battlefield” in it (Battlefield High School). That person now gets to post a “Tag” challenge.
The challenge doesn’t have to be one word. It could be a phrase as well. Like “Your Jeep at a National Park”. The photo would then include your Jeep and a sign or landmark in or about a National Park. Another example: “A photo that indicates where you live”. The picture may be a sign that has your city name (state, country, etc) in it. Or, if you live in the mountains, a scenic shot with mountains in the background.

The rules are fairly simple. We police ourselves:
1) NO file photos. That wouldn’t be fun
2) Photo MUST include YOUR WK2 vehicle, or an identifying portion thereof (driver seat shots are ok, as long as we can tell you are in your JCG)
3) You can stretch the connection, but we should be able to make one without it having to be explained.
4) The first person to post the photo answering the challenge wins. Timestamps do not count.
5) If the challenge goes unanswered for 1 week, then any OTHER player may post a new one. A player may not post two challenges in a row.
6) Tread lightly if your shot takes you off road :thumbsup:
And now, heeeeere we go!
The TAG:
“Gone Fishing”
To help things along, some ideas would be: Your JGC at a lake or river, at a Seafood restaurant or wharf, your tackle gear in the back. Even (God forbid) your Jeep getting winched out because it is stuck. It is on a “hook” after all!
Don't make me break rule #5 :lol:

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