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Debauch 03-15-2013 04:39 PM

730n how in the world do you do that...
I've read the manual. I've searched the net. I've searched this form. I've even been up and down the website and I can't figure out how to...

1. While inputting a destination by voice I have the following option, "guide me to a name". What is this for? I had thought that I could say a contact name and have the 730n give me directions to that contact but no luck. I thought maybe a business name but no luck there either. No matter what I ask for, the response is "Directions to that name are not available".

2. In-Motion folder. What is this for? I have access to all my contacts regardless of what folder they are in while I'm driving and while I'm parked. I don't get the point of the "in-motion" folder. What does it do? I've added contacts to it but the options for them are the same as in the general folder.

Any help or some guidance from those of you that have had the 730n for a while would be great.

Thank you

Debauch 03-15-2013 09:30 PM

Re: 730n how in the world do you do that...
A few hours of playing around with the 730 and I think I figured it out.

1. Copied all contacts from my phone to the 730. They went into the "general" folder

2. From there I copied a few contacts over to the "in-motion" folder

3. Selected each contact in the "in-motion" folder and assigned a custom voice tag for each

4. Now I can say "Guide me to [insert name used for customs voice tag] and tada the 730 routes to the address assigned to that name

The documentation on this is horrible!

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