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spw303 03-16-2013 09:52 PM

Dealer Scratched Rims Opinion Wanted
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Hey there everyone reading today.

About 3 months ago. I took my perfect 12 Overland with the polished eighteens to the dealer to have an alignment and Oil Change.

I specifically told the Service Advisor at drop-off NOT TO SCRATCH MY RIMS WITH THE ALIGNMENT HEADS. These heads have small claws that are supposed to mount to the inside lip and NOT touch the front of the Rim in anyway. A Ford dealer did this same thing years ago to my Mustang and they replaced the wheels with new ones. So I knew ahead to say something. ;)

Well, when I picked up the car EVERY Rim had some minor scratches and gouges (4) per wheel from the heads. I was pretty pissed. I tried to accept that its a Jeep and they are going to take some abuse anyway. But they were perfect when I first went in. :confused: I know they were perfect because the weekend before I rotated and cleaned them to a shine by hand.

So I showed the Service Manger and he said he would contact me to repair and never did. So I started to live with it and somewhat forgot about it.

So I recently had another oil change since then and they left a ton of oil on the splash pan so the entire underside of the Jeep was splattered with oil. :mad:

I got my survey 3 days later and I totally flamed them. Even though the survey was for the latest service and not the first one. So they have now called me from the dealer wanting to fix the Rims. They say they have a "Wheel Guy" and I am not really sure I should have it done since the Jeep rides nice and smooth. They really haven't proven too me that they can really fix anything without screwing it up. So my question is would you guys even have this wheel repair done? Or live with it?

Also, I think everyone in the Service center knows its me and I am somewhat seen as the enemy to them. :confused: Even though I know I have not done anything wrong.

Sorry for the long story. :sleepy:

I added these pics. I remember I was more upset about this because it was a 1 month old car.

bill_de 03-16-2013 10:00 PM

Re: Dealer Scratched Rims Opinion Wanted
If the scratches bother you have them fixed. The dealer won't be doing it themselves anyway.

Having managed a few shops years ago, I'd guess that the idea of you being seen as the enemy is in your head, not theirs. Usually, even a customer who really is a problem (I don't think you are in this case) isn't considered the enemy. They are looked at as being nuts. :)

Angler 03-17-2013 05:20 PM

Re: Dealer Scratched Rims Opinion Wanted
I'd tell the dealer to go ahead and try to restore the rims but if it didn't work then they'd have to replace the rims at their cost.

I take my vehicle to the dealership to have things fixed, not damaged or broken. :slapfight:

jd2012jgc 03-18-2013 09:58 AM

Re: Dealer Scratched Rims Opinion Wanted
Every dealership uses a "wheel guy". These wheel guys have a mobile shop in a truck and they can fix bent or scratched alloy rims. I had 2 wheels on my old Lexus with serious curb rash fixed and the wheels looked brand new.

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