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Dunecrawler 03-17-2013 01:27 AM

Drivetrain Shudder!!!
OK, now I also have the bloody drivetrain shudder!
Basically my Overland has a bad shudder while acceleration between 25-40mph. It also has a shudder/vibration at highway speeds that feels ALOT like a wheel with really bad balancing. The highway vibration comes and goes. I drive about 150 miles of highway every day, so I have a lot of time to evaluate it.
The acceleration shudder is always there at 25-40mph, but it seems much better in sand/snow mode, but I think it is still there, just less obvious.

So I took it in for service and they said engine mountings need replacement and one tire has a flat-spot. Had the mountings and tire replaced, but it still had the same problem.
Took it to tire specialist and he told me I had to replace another TWO tires! Did that and it was fine for two days only. Now the shudder is back!

The shudder problem is fairly new for me. Had it for the last couple of months only. Possibly after the dealer/service center messed with the DTCM software because of 4WD problems in sand. It is now very good in the sand, but has the vibration/shudder issue. I am not sure that the two are related, but maybe...

Anyway, so today I got under the bloody thing and had a look to see if I there was anything obviously wrong. The only thing I could find was that the drive shaft coupling by the transfer case has thrown a lot of grease out. Sort of looks like a CV when the boot/cover is torn. I canít feel any play or anything other than the grease, so I am not sure how serious this is. It is the first coupling at the "back" of the TC.
My theory is that the vibration/shudder is because the DTCM does not provide a "balanced" torque transfer to the back. That is why it seems better in Sand/Snow mode and also why it comes and goes. Could it just be a software issue with the DTCM?
The failing coupling makes me wonder though. Maybe the coupling is failing because of the strain of transmitting the "unbalanced" torque? Or could the vibration be entirely because of the coupling?
So, could any of you guys with the same problem go and have a look at your Jeeps drive shaft coupling? I THINK the coupling is failing because of the DTCM problem, but I could be wrong.
Any thoughts? WolfUAE, we are both in Dubai and seem to have a similar problem. Have you had any luck resolving your problems?

WolfUAE 03-17-2013 03:02 AM

Re: Drivetrain Shudder!!!
Hi Willem,
thanks for the post. Yeah I am struggeling since I got my GC last year in August.
I had the issue from the beginning (approx. after 1000 km).
I went to Jeep Abu dhabi and dubai to check it out. they have been both very helpless and tried to tell me its tyres, reems, even they told me its normal...;-)
but I investigated in the net and found many guys having the same issue.
I approached Chrysler Jeep US directly and they pushed Chrysler ME to take action.
at least in December last year, I got the verbal confirmation, that Chrysler has an issue with the 5.7 GC. They confirmed as well, that they are working on a specific up-date for it which should come end of Feb. 2013.
I just talked to Jeep in DXB 2 days before and they confirmed it is in the final testing-stage in US. I keep it monitored....they know that they cannot play any game with me.
you can call me on 050 15 33 527.
cheers have a great day

Dunecrawler 05-23-2013 11:34 AM

Re: Drivetrain Shudder!!!
Quick update.
I just had the propshaft/driveshaft replaced and the shudder from 25-40mph is gone!

The highway shudder (like a flat tire) is still a concern, but it seems MUCH better if I don't use SPORT mode for a while.
You might laugh and think I am nuts, but when the highway shudder is there. I pull over, select LOW RANGE and drive for 50 to 100 meters only. Stop, select normal AUTO HIGH and off I go. And believe it or not, NO MORE SHUDDER, for a wile at least...then I just do the low range thing again.
But like I said, not using SPORT mode really seems to help. I drive LOTS, so get loads of time to experiment.

Dunecrawler 06-18-2013 11:05 PM

Re: Drivetrain Shudder!!!
No further issues after DTCM update (TSB 21-003/4-13) and driveshaft replacement.

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