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Bushmaster69 03-19-2013 12:22 PM

Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
Ok, I towed a small trailer the other day and found out real quick like that my rear control arm bushingsa are bad. I have an '02 GC larado factory stock.

Looks like a couple hour job, but daddy's been around longer than that :) So, are the bushings pressed in? what's the best removal method? recommended replacement parts? I'ts been suggested that I replace the entire control arms as well? And since I'm gonna have it up on jack stands the shocks are gonna get changed too (and anything else that looks worn out)

So I'd appreaciate any tips, tricks or advice anyone has to offer on the control arm bushings. Please! and thank you!

Carlos Brown 03-19-2013 04:51 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?

All of the bushings are pressed in and can easily be done if you have access to a press. I have actually replaced the upper rear bushings utilizing only my bench vise...

I have both replaced the arms and bushings. The Ada Omix bushings do not seem to have lasted as long as I would have expected. The Dorman bushings seem to be a little more durable. As for the oval shaped articulating bushings for the control arms, I don't recall seeing many offered online???

The choice to purchase control arms versus bushings comes down to time and cost. Bushings can be had for ~$25 each (~$50 per arm) and then add in labor to install. If you don't do the work yourself, you quickly end up spending as much as you would for new control arms!

Good luck,


Frango100 03-19-2013 10:02 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
I changed the rear upper control arm front bushings some months ago. First installed the Omix-ada, but they lasted less then a month and where completely worn away. Run from them. I have the Dorman bushings in now and they seem to be a lot more resistent. I didnīt change the upper aft balljoint, because it didnīt had any play in it, but most people change it, because the access to the 3 bolts which hold the joint to the arm is not that easy. Those bolts where locktited, so a joy to remove:cool:. New bushings at Rockauto for $ 7,89 (Dorman) each or $ 111,79 (Omix-ada)for the complete arm with bushings. The ball joint is sold separately. You can easily press the upper arm bushings out, but have to take care when installing the new bushings, because they tend to tilt a bit and get stuck. The solution is to install them bit by bit by putting pressure at one side first and then on the other side, until it completely went through the arm. For the last bit you can just put pressure equally over the bushing and it will go. The rear lower control arm bushings are still ok on mine, so canīt say too much about them. Rockauto has the bushings for $ 11,43 each or a complete arm for $ 59,79.

Bushmaster69 03-20-2013 01:21 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
Thank you for the responses, i'm going with just replacing the arms, overall it seems pretty straight forward and a lot less work (even tho i got a press) It's cold out an my garage doesn't heat up very well. ;(

Of course after I posted the question, i see the system has recommended simular posts... which didn't turn up in my initial search..

Thanks i'll get the arms from JeeP4x4 seem to be as good as any other and better pricing. :)

bicdaddy 07-10-2013 12:47 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
I feel kind of dumb on this one, but I want to get it right. I'm replacing the entire suspension on my 02' limited and I forgot to take pics for orientation. On the rear replacement arms there are obviously two bushings (each). One of them is round, and the other is a football shape. Which of these goes towards the front of the jeep? I certainly don't want to go with my instincts on this one. Thanks for any help!

Frango100 07-10-2013 04:31 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
1 Attachment(s)
Maybe attached drawing helps?

bicdaddy 07-10-2013 05:41 PM

Re: Replacing rear control arm bushings tips tricks advice?
I realized when installing that one end is bigger than the other, which only allows one way to be installed. Thanks for your help!

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