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WK2 Tire Kicker 03-19-2013 09:10 PM

Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
Ok, Jeep did it. They put a diesel and an 8 speed and now I'm curious.

I've built a Cherokee with my dad and I am currently working on my 2nd FJ40, but the CRD WK2 has made me think: What if?

If it would work I could do both my wheeling and daily driving/baby hauling in one truck getting good fuel mileage.

Wk2 guys please read below and chime in!!!!!

I would start with a CRD with the quadradrive/quadralift. I would put some
spacers, 17" Rubicon wheels then fit some 35x10.50 (not much wider than stock) super swamper SSR's which is a live able tire to drive on. If I took it to a body shop is there room to clearance out the wheelwells and roll them back so a 35 could stuff up in there when in the high speed mode?

My next question is gears. Obviously there are none besides what comes in there. Could I get ahold of the 3.7:1 SRT8 rear with the ELSD and plug it in? Would it cause the same issues that it does with the JKs where you have to reprogram it for the new gears? Same with the front? Anyone know? If not anyone running a big tire with the 3.45 gears and big tires and the 8 speed? Or better yet an 8 Speed CRD? How does the whole 4x4 system actually perform? Does the single elsd rear and brake controlled front actually work? If I picked one of these up I don't want to count on ARB to come out with lockers for it.

Lastly lets say I could put this thing together. Would I be able to wheel the snot out of this thing and have it survive the Rubicons and Moabs of the world? Anyone jammed some knobby tires on one of these things and REALLY pushed it? I know it won't be a JK or my FJ40 but it might be cool and a different take on a 4x4.

I don't want a Jk, boring. I love my old trucks, but a factory warrantied 4x4 that gets 25+ MPG and still gets over my favorite trails without exploding would be AWESOME.

I work for a well known 4x4 shop and have a good relationship with a Jeep dealer, I would make sure it's armored up for the trail. Maybe SEMA? Who knows? Anyone who I've chatted with so far either thinks I'm insane or has no
clue, and I don't know anyone with a WK2 who would let me really dig around in their truck to see if any of these ideas would fly.

I figure this might at least spawn a cool discussion, hope to get one going! And by the way I know this isn't an orthodox idea on an IFS/IRS 4x4, I know the concerns, so any s**t talkers and naysayers need not jump in, I'm looking for ideas. If I get enough it's time to take a peeky at a WK2, make some phone calls, do a little more research and talk to the wife. Hopefully me and my FJ40
could forgive me for selling it....

moosehead 03-20-2013 08:44 AM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
That would be ridiculous! Feels like the max we have seen is 32 or 33, not sure.

Do it. About time someone stepped up to the plate.

WK2 Tire Kicker 03-20-2013 10:43 AM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
Yeah I haven't seen any 35's. I was thinking BFG makes a 255/80/17 Mud Terrain which might be enough tire.

In the end the question is how well it would work in the real world. Not a lot of info out there on really offloading these things. A couple
videos on YouTube of some guy on 32's but I think the truck is a base model and doesn't seem to do that well.

Just looking for feedback.

moosehead 03-20-2013 11:15 AM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
Here's a couple of WK2 OR related thread links, there's more you should surf around for on a search. We have a few JG WK2 offroaders, but my guess is you're talking about another level perhaps towards rock crawling, not sure.

Also suggest you call Rocky Road in Utah, they've put out a great fender mounted winch, roof racks, rockrails, and perhaps some lift options (non QL IIRC).

Article Link from recent 2014 Trailhawk thread:

Photo courtesy of Bit50:

TheSiltSurfer 03-20-2013 01:51 PM

I'm running 33"s currently, I tried stacking the Tuff Country lift kit with the RRO to get 4" of lift in front but the geometry was too steep on the driveline and caused vibes and clicking sounds when my mechanic took it out they removed it right after. It's definitely possible to fit 35" might have to trim up front to make it work.

ms.annthrope 03-20-2013 05:12 PM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
35" are pretty large even for a full size pick up truck. You will lose power as the larger tires decrease torque, lose braking power for the same reason, beat up your suspension as the larger tires and wheels will weight much more than stock--35" Super Swampers will weight around 75 pounds compared to about 45 pounds for factory sized tires. You will not get 25+ mpg as the engine has to work so much harder to turn the wheels--you may be able to change out the rear diff gears to compensate, but you'll have to turn the engine faster to retain close to the same torque---

I highly doubt even a good friendly dealer will fix breakages rresulting form such a drastic change in the vehicle's condition and intended usage. They have to answet to Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge and how will they explain driveline breakage from rock crawling using 35" tires and lift kits as factory defects?

Let's not forget driveline vibratiosn from trying to force such an acute angle in the proposed tire size. I'd owned a 4x4 Ram diesel 3/4 ton long enough to know that I left it fairly stock becasue everyone who messed with their truck ended up with one problem after another. Super Swampers are not known for being road friendly. Swampers are built for mud boggers and they well, but noise, vibration, harshness, are not their concern.

If you have deep pockets, then go for it. However, buying a new $48-$50 WK2 diesel to be used for your intended puroses will not be cheap or very practical or feel very good as a daily driver. And pay for your own mistakes as no factory warranty will cover you.

As we used to say when big diesel folks chip their engines then complain about blown headgaskets or destroying the ECM/TCM modules or experience the death wobbles from over sized tires or drive line issue, YOU PAY TO PLAY.

Good luck.

Aha! Just fond this......

Jeep just might build this with diesel and 35" tires....and factory made and designed to run with 35" tires and because this is factory, it is factory warranteed. Alas, this is a concept and not production yet.

WK2 Tire Kicker 03-20-2013 06:30 PM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
I've managed to run 35's and 37's on a lot of wacky stuff, that being said they all had aftermarket gear sets available and the only IFS I've payed with that can hang is from Toyota.

There are two huge drawbacks to this, lack of available gears and I just found out the CRD isn't covered by the lifetime warranty.

Interestingly enough jeep dealers usually don't blink an eye when they see a lift 4" or under and usually have no issues covering them under the terms of the factory warranty. I'm very friendly with a local dealer and a JK wouldn't be an issue, a WK2 hasn't been discussed.

Super Swamper SSRs are radials and are live able on the street, I've run them. I'd rather go with a BFG or something a little more mellow but no one makes a narrow 35 anymore. As for weight, dudes throw 22's on their SRT8's and trash them, not really seeing a lot of stories about diffs exploding.

I don't know how this thing would hold up to 35's, and like I said this is all a hypothetical discussion until I find a way to really pull it off.

My intent would be to utilize the stock quadralift system. I don't want to lift it past its intended geometry because of the afforemmentioned vibrations and stresses on the CV's. Because this truck is so complicated I would want to keep it as stock as possible.

No gears, and no warranty on the CRD is certainly a set back. As for beating on a $40k truck that's exactly what everyone does with their Rubicons, why should a grand Cherokee be off the hook?

FAUEE 03-20-2013 09:47 PM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
With 35" tires, I doubt you'll see 25mpg in the CRD. And then there's the question of how he unproven 8 speed will react to it.

If you're intending to use QL, I think you're going about it in the wrong way. QL defaults to settings that lower the vehicle too, and you're not going to fit 35" tires with it lowering itself, or even at stock height. And since you can't force it to stay in OR1 or OR2 (it will automatically lower itself from these once it reaches certain speed thresholds that are relatively low), you'll end up rubbing majorly.

If you were to do it, a steel spring truck would be the way to start.

WK2 Tire Kicker 03-20-2013 11:40 PM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
You might be able to do 25 mpg with the lower factory gear set if you're not driving like a maniac. If I can't put a lower gear set in the diffs 35's aren't really an option.

WK2 Tire Kicker 03-20-2013 11:41 PM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
Basically that picture of the "Trailhawk II" is exactly what I wanted to do, enlarge the wheelwells to fit the tires.

And I wanted to take advantage of the QL system so I wasn't bouncing around on the top of the suspension on the street.

webspoke 03-22-2013 12:27 AM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
The QL controller has not been hacked yet, so that will limit what you can do. A flexible option would be to start with a non QL vehicle, then use the air spings and front struts, with aftermarket compressors and controllers.

The next cool item would be to use an electric sway bar disconnect like the JKs, that would really address the articulation issues these have with their stiff sway bars.

Great idea to use the srt8 diffs for the gearing.

highoctane 03-22-2013 05:13 AM

Re: Thinking about building a ridiculous WK2 on 35's.... Thoughts?
AEV has fitted 35" KM2s to a WK2 back in 2012. Not sure what they did to get there. It was on the AEV forum.

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