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hamilton5 03-23-2013 11:15 PM

front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
Have a sound comming from the front... At first I changed the diff fluid and tc case fluid, then the front hub.. thought it was a front bearing/hub because It's defintly louder when you make a quick right turn.. I dont want to keep throwing money at it.. The front diff lock up when making slow left sharp turns (parking lot).. its not so bad making right turns...

2001 with the quadradrive help?

Frango100 03-24-2013 07:19 AM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
Did you use the right amount of limited slip additive in the diffs? No additive or not enough will cause the Vari-lock to lock in tight turns, causing one of the wheels to skip and cause noise.

hamilton5 03-24-2013 08:24 PM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
yes, in fact maybe to much.. about 3/4 of the 4oz bottle.. Its just tight left turns it really acts up.

I wonder if it could be a cv joint, even tho the boot looked fine... It doesn't make loud pops or clicks when turning.. but if not that, then I fear its the diff or tc going out - but i've always thought when they went out they wouldn't lock up, and were more like an open diff..

Frango100 03-24-2013 10:35 PM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
Could be the CV joint yes. To rule out a problem with the propeller shaft joints, you could remove the front propeller shaft and see if that makes any difference. If you would do so, mark the joint position with the flanges before removal, so that you can put it back in the exact same position.
The diff could make noise, but that should not change when making turns.
What could happen as well is the chain inside the T-case which skips teeth. That can happen when the chain is stretched too much, but that would be the last thing to check.

hamilton5 03-27-2013 06:05 PM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
I was actually thinking the cv joint in the axle shafts..? I can remove the front drive shaft on a quadradrive!? there is a slight (oil?) spray on the underbody near the tc rear output shaft, that normal?

Frango100 03-27-2013 08:50 PM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
Since you don' t know the source of the noise, its a matter of eliminating the possible causes. Your jeep has the NV247 T- case, like mine, only mine is QTII and not QD. You can remove the propeller shaft without consequences, you only loose the front wheel drive.
The oilspray at the aft side of the T case is more or less normal, as long its not getting too much. The aft propeller shaft moves in and out when the suspension moves

hamilton5 03-30-2013 06:47 PM

Re: front noise, road noise.. cant pinpoint
was nice out so I finally got around to the rear diff fluid, seems to have fixed the binding issue, guess it was noise from the tc or it was locking up the front too? This quadradrive is tricky :) Hopefully the road noise is gone, will have to drive more to see..

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