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SRTgeek 03-25-2013 03:24 AM

Alarm options?
What are you guys using for your after market alarm choice?

I've never owned a Viper, I've always went the Compustar route. Anyone have any stories to tell in regards to a 11/12/13 SRT/8 ?

kennzz05 03-25-2013 07:42 AM

Re: Alarm options?
thought they had a factory alarm. that being said what are you trying to accomplish? anti theft? or anti vandalism? because i would assume the sophisticated ignition system makes it nearly impossible to "hotwire" the vehicle. and as far as car alarms go no one really pays any attention to them anymore do they?

SRTgeek 03-25-2013 12:22 PM

Re: Alarm options?
It does have a factory alarm, but it's nowhere near as advanced as Compustar or Viper. With my old Compustar, I could be in the movies and my pocket would buzz when someone was standing beside my car for more than 10 seconds, not even touching it. It gives you amazing heads up notice when someone is going to screw with things.

With the right tools, with a factory alarm, your wheels can be jacked pretty quick/easy. With a Viper or Compustar solution, that's not possible because of the fireworks display that goes off the second someone puts any torque/force into a wheel jack, let alone touching your Jeep for an extended time period (longer than X seconds and you get to set X seconds yourself based off sensitivity.

Comes down to the knowledge of the installer I suspect.

bill_de 03-25-2013 12:37 PM

Re: Alarm options?
I only had one major complaint against me when I was an adjuster. I laughed at a customer, and just couldn't stop myself.

I was settling a total loss claim and she was unhappy with the allowance for her alarm. She started screaming how she had the most expensive alarm on the market and it was worth a whole lot more than I was offering.

I said, "Lady, your car was stolen" and then I lost it. :lol:

As for aftermarket alarms, and I know there are some good installers, I'd rather have the car stolen then have the installation cause a problem in the uConnect system. I'm sure I can get a car replaced before they diagnose the problem. Just my opinion ...

SRTgeek 04-04-2013 11:47 PM

Re: Alarm options?
So nobody has an aftermarket alarm like a Compustar or Viper?

the stock alarm is not good enough to stop your wheels from being taken off your jeep - as an example of why it's a good idea.

Hacksaw 04-05-2013 08:30 AM

Compustar,Viper and 5-6 others are all the same company...Directed Electronics. They have models under all brands with the same features only the price is different. I was told by the largest auto electronics store (carries all brands) it was originally done to allow "exclusive" dealers...then the internet happened and basically killed that. Find one with features you like at the price point you are comfortable with and go with that.

Think Outside ! ...No Box Required

XLR8R 05-08-2013 12:08 AM

When I was in the 12 volt business, Clifford was the best alarm system. Long time ago so let me see what I can remember

DEI (Viper/Python/Sidewinder and any other exotic snake u can think of) bought Clifford at some point and not sure if that changed anything...

We only sold Clifford to newer cars with competent/savvy owners because they were a bit more complex and required good car battery. But it was a much more advanced and high end system and much more customizable They required more power to work though, and required power to start the car/ turn it off. Whereas with DEI systems, if u pulled power from the alarm system, car starts and alarm is off.

For example With Clifford, no power to unit = no car start and no turning it off. Cliffords had normally open starter kill, so no power = no starter. better against inexperienced car thieves, bad for owners with dead or weak car batteries lol

Also cliffords had more inputs and outputs, zones, etc. You could make a custom "code" sequence like press defogger + window switch 3 times to disarm if you lost a fob or wanted to valet it. Installers make a difference, we took long time to install by soldering, looping, and/or terminating wires, where other volume shops used taps and tape..we hide and blend, theres would fall in your lap when you drop the dash or peek underneath

No backup battery = most alarms useless normally closed starter kill = almost useless much older car/bad car battery/corroded terminals/bad installer= issues with system

Remember, no alarm can stop a flatbed tow truck or a determined/experienced and fast, smart thief or one with time and patience

For just being notified of foul play, damage or stealing of parts/accessories look for something with multiple input zones, separate shock and lift sensors, remote paging that actually works (extended range antenna, maybe wifi or 4G connectivity available by now lol) and get a backup battery and internal + external siren to make the thief deaf or annoyed.

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