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akwingnut 03-30-2013 10:23 AM

Cold air
Well I have a strange question, sort of; We live in Alaska where it can get pretty cold, and this Winter I Noticed that around the shift lever, around the base I can feel a cold draft. I took it to the dealer within weeks of owning it and they said it was nothing, but I keep feeling it more and more that I drive, is this normal? Thanks

dr.lee.baugh 03-30-2013 10:41 AM

Re: Cold air
Though I haven't noticed anything from this particular spot...I am sure it is normal.

These things aren't air tight and you'll find all sorts of areas where cold air will find its way in.

akwingnut 03-30-2013 10:57 AM

Re: Cold air
Its just really strange, we traded in our 2006 Honda Ridgeline and in 70k miles I have never had a "COLD" issue. So I took it in they couldnt find anything wrong no holes nothing just you can feel the cold air... And at $40k for this thing you would think it wouldnt be so cold... IMO

dr.lee.baugh 03-30-2013 11:27 AM

Re: Cold air
Air has to get in somewhere or you would suffocate.

Every car will have different areas that are not completely sealed, including your Honda - you just never found it.

I don't know whether this is normal for your vehicle or not, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it is.

You may want to post in the WK2 section (since I am assuming you have a 2011+ based on the price you paid) and see if other owners experience something similar.

akwingnut 03-30-2013 11:29 AM

Re: Cold air
Thanks not sure what the WK2 stands for, its a 2013 GC Lardeo

dr.lee.baugh 03-30-2013 09:22 PM

Re: Cold air
WK refers to 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

The 2011+ are WK2s.

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