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jeepv8 04-03-2013 03:11 PM

head gasket
Hi guys . would anyone be able to tell me tell tail signs of a head gasket on its way out ? i have noticed my jeep when i pull up is starting to produce a little grey smoke but soexnt seem to be water in oil or oil in radiator. regards pete

cdplayer 04-03-2013 04:30 PM

Re: head gasket
I have the same year and engine WJ as you. Just blew the right side headgasket. But a week before it went, I was getting a check engine light with code P0302. Misfire in cylinder 2. Also on a cold start the engine would idle rough. As if one cylinder was dead., But it soon smoothed out. I though the engine was starving for gas. So I replaced the fuel filter. No change. I replaced the plugs. Nothing. I replaced the injectors. The roughness smoothed out a bit, but then I got misfire codes on cyl. 1,2,and four. Next day, cleared the codes, started the engine to bring it up to operating temp. No change from day before. But then the engine shook more than before and POW! Engine died. Started it again, cold. Saw mist coming from tail pipe then it went away. Could not keep the engine at idle. Next day, I took radiator cap off. Placed a stick between seat and gas pedal and adjusted the seat so the stick would keep the pressure on the pedal and the engine would idle. Brought engine to temp. so thermostat would open. Observed bubbles(no oil though) coming out radiator cap opening. Head blown.

hoffmanestates 04-03-2013 06:44 PM

My 4.7 tripped codes ran same as guys post above me but mine was drivable, i took the spark plug out of my dead cylinder #8 and plug was damaged due to coolant coming in. So tore mine apart and rebuilt heads and new gasket. Do a compression test and leak down test

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