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chevyboy_711 04-04-2013 12:58 AM

2014 GC OWNER'S Review
Ok ladies and gents, after hanging around here for almost a year, I figured its time to post a thread of my own.

*Please do not take the poll unless you're an owner/until you take delivery... Thank you.*

As one of the very hard working JNAP UAW workers many folks here find joy in consistently ragging on, I'm very interested in OWNER reviews of their new GC's. We work hard to build a quality product day after day, and although we're not perfect, I'm curious to know how much of that effort has been translated to you all in your purchase(s). There's a lot of negativity out there, and people seem to fish for anything to discredit us and the products we make, but instead of responding individually to the ignorance, I figure a simple review thread is the best way to settle the matter. If you, and I mean those who actually have bought the truck, feel like its a great vehicle and was well worth your money, I'd love to hear about it. And if you think this car is the biggest POS you've ever wasted money on, and will never buy another vehicle "Imported from Detroit" again, I wanna hear that too!

Basically I'm just looking for honest reviews from owners, so that those who may be RESPECTFULLY skeptical, can see for themselves whether or not we deserve their business, as well as how long we will hold the title for the most awarded SUV - EVER! :) Thx in advance guys and gals!

SW03ES 04-04-2013 01:05 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
I don't have a 2014, but I think you guys are doing great. My issues have been failures of small electrical components which don't have anything to do with how the Jeep is assembled.

chevyboy_711 04-04-2013 01:13 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
Well I'm looking for reviews of the entire car really. Not just the assembly side. There are a few engineers inside the plant. I could go upstairs and snatch somebody out of their chair for you if you want!??? :)

loveracing1988 04-04-2013 03:09 AM

I am going to say ahead of time that I will come back and edit this review in a few weeks because as of right now we have 140 miles on ours but this weekend and then next weekend we will see pretty much half the state of Michigan so we should have a few more miles on it.

I will start with the negatives.

It took 70 days to get here... (Not relavent but I wanted to get that in there one last time.)
It showed up with scratches on the front and rear bumpers, no slush mats, and has a rattle coming from the instrument panel. (The scratches could have came from the dealer prep for all I know.)
To me the tires are a little deceptive, they state on/off road but to me that means an all terrain tire, not a Goodyear Fortera or a Michelin latitude. I know there reasoning is the fact that only a small percentage of these vehicles will go off road and they help with fuel mileage, but at least give us a option to get something different...
The lack of physical switches for things like the heated seats, steering wheel, and the mode selection for the HVAC is a little disappointing on the 5" radio because I have to look away from the road for about 5 seconds to change where the air is blowing at me, on the 8.4 you at least have a little more real estate to look at to hit the buttons. Also to tie into that, the auto on feature of the system for turning on the heated seats, steering wheel, and the heat itself would be fine if you had it just operate on remove start, if I get in the vehicle myself and start it, I can take 5 seconds and do it myself, I don't want to have to shut that stuff off when I start it if I don't want it on.
The only other problem I have had is the cd player (besides where they put it...) We have had a cd in it for a few days now, if you are going down the road and press media, then select source, the only one available is blue tooth, it doesn't let you select cd, you have to open the console, eject the cd, and reinsert it, minor annoyance, but it is one nonetheless.

Those are our negatives, now here are the positives...

Without a doubt the quietest vehicle we have ever driven, it makes the new f-150 and journey we drove sound like tin cans, and doesn't even remotely compare to my fusion.
For a v6 it has plenty of power thanks to the gearing they put in it with the 8 speed.
The 8 speed transmission is super smooth, I have yet to experience any of the jerking others have described on deceleration.
The instrument panel is second to none, the only thing I wish it did was display the actual coolant temp, because it only gets to a little over 1/4 of the way up which to me seems low but no code for low coolant temp makes me think it is normal.
Ride quality is amazing considering you are driving an suv, just like the quietness there isn't anything I have driven that can compare, we only have a Laredo though to tell you our price range.
Fuel economy seems to be pretty good, since we got it we are averaging 17.8 and that includes all of the idling it did at the dealer and a few remote starts.
I know I am forgetting stuff but off the top of my head that's what I am coming up with, but I feel it is an amazing vehicle and if they just keep improving nothing will ever catch them.

doulos4JC 04-04-2013 06:37 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
Surprised by the number of paint flaws(3). Leaking rear shock, a few radio glitches. Overall very happy with it.

bill_de 04-04-2013 07:25 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
After all the discussion before ordering and while waiting for delivery, there were no real surprises. I have it on good authority that my Jeep left JNAP in good shape, but did arrive with some paint damage ... not defect.

With just over 1000 miles, the only glitch is with the navigation volume.

The things I thought I wouldn't like, I still don't like.
The things I thought I would like, I still like.

One thing that is disappointing is that the car came without a front plate bracket. Although Delaware is a one plate state for DMV, the beach access permit is a front plate. Every other car I ever bought came with a front bracket. The dealer ordered one for me, but they are on backorder. They must have thousands of them somewhere, but I can't get one???

Overall, no regrets about the purchase. :thumbsup:

For the engineers;

Off road package should include off road tires. Not something the manufacturer says are designed for the highway and Jeep calls on/off road.

The shifter is annoying, Either make it feel and work like a conventional shifter, or think retro Chrysler and bring back push buttons.

A utility vehicle should have a flipper glass. A wanna be doesn't need one.

Real buttons that you can feel, for things like heated seats, are safer to use than having to look for them on the touch screen.

Performance at very low speed in eco mode is not good. Either allow the customer to choose the default, or have it kick in from 3rd gear up.

Specx 04-04-2013 07:52 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
Great vehicle, love it! I've only had 2 issues, one the shifter top being broken which the dealer discovered and promised to fix and the nav shutting off and restarting in the middle of driving. I never expect a mass produced vehicle to be perfect and buying the first batch of models for this refresh, I expected to be the test subject, so I'm not that upset with the very few issues I've had so far and I'm actually surprised I haven't had as many issues as some others have had. Honestly, every time I drive this thing, it puts a big smile on my face and I find reasons to take the longer routes or go out the way to do simple errands.

padgett 04-04-2013 08:23 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
Interesting: Buick had the same compaints about the soft buttons in the dash touchscreen when it came out in 1986 Rivieras.

ps the temp gauge in mine is still under 1/2 at 218F.

gwnewman1 04-04-2013 09:10 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
I've had mine since Feb. 27, little over 2K miles on it now. I had to take it into the dealer yesterday for a phone error on the RA4 - the phone module quit working. They were able to get it working again, but also had to replace some kind of hub under the console, we're waiting for it to arrive so the signal strength will show correctly on screen. The RA4 screen also completely froze yesterday, only came back up after I shut the car off for a couple minutes to get it to reboot.

In terms of build quality, I'm more or less happy. I had issues with my '12 GC and the headliner not fitting correctly. The '14 has a smaller, but similar issue with the headliner not quite fitting over the drivers side, it's not as tight up against the ceiling/windshield as the passenger. I'll have the dealer do something about it when I take it in for it's first service since they'll probably need to keep it. I'll also have them deal with a rattle somewhere in the sunroof area, I think it's just a wire tapping. The trim on the drivers side rear door is loose, the top clip didn't expand all the way. I'll deal with it eventually, it's not going anywhere anyway.

All in all, I'm happy. Far nicer than my '12, the 8 speed is wonderful paired to the V6. I knew going in that I'd probably be a guinea pig with the '14. Like others, I wish the off road package actually came with off road tires instead of the Latitudes, but eh, at least now I have a choice in what tire I get.

doulos4JC 04-04-2013 10:21 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
The rocket surgeon who made the ECO mode to default on needs to be shot.

moosehead 04-04-2013 11:10 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review

Originally Posted by SW03ES (Post 795401)
I don't have a 2014, but I think you guys are doing great....

+1, I'm still a fanboi of the first gen 2011, early build, have had no issues despite riding her hard. Yea, I've upgraded a few things, but most think that's my problem.

I still stand behind my earlier reviews:

Didn't vote in the '14 poll but wanted to give due props to JNAP. You guys restored what was my long-lost faith in 'Murican autos.

WVSpelunker 04-04-2013 11:57 AM

Re: 2014 GC OWNER'S Review
I'm still loving my new Jeep. We have had it for a month, but only have ~1300 miles. Transmission is still smooth except for decelerating in sports mode (I assume b/c it stays at higher RPM) and I only use ECO mode when I'm on the highway already going 60-70MPH.
Haven't had any of the paint issues or anything else mentioned in the other threads except for the radio seizing up/slow. This has happened twice and the first time, I was trying to talk to someone else in the car, so I went to mute the radio and abracadabra the radio worked again. Second time, tried a few other buttons, but as soon as I hit the mute button, radio worked again. Has anyone else noticed or tried this?

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