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srtbee13 04-07-2013 08:32 AM

Found Potential ride for new build
Found a potential ride for a new build.

The ad states 1500 or best offer.
1999 Grand Cherokee
3"iron rock lift, rear sway bar, and steering stabilizer.
Flowmaster exhaust
147k miles
3:73 gears

The ad states it has a unknown knock in the engine compartment? As of yet I have not bothered to get in touch with the seller as I was wondering whether it might be worth checking into purchasing for under $1500 dollars since the motor imo will need to be replaced. The area this vehicle is in has mild 4WD areas if that and chances are it has spent most of its time as a pavement queen. From what I could see in the pic provided the exterior body looks well maintained.

thoughts? Pass or purchase or try to get cheaper than the advertised price? There are other units 1999-2004 within 50 miles of where I live ranging from 1500-15k.... so it is by no means a must get but with the aftermarket items listed I figured it would be a decent start.

cheapjeep 04-07-2013 10:57 AM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
I'd at least check it out. Finding a good 4.0 isn't hard at all.

srtbee13 04-09-2013 03:47 PM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
thanks so much for the input....

TheStreet16 04-10-2013 01:09 PM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
So if the engine needs to be replaced then your looking at another $1000-$2000 on top of what you pay. So that puts you anywhere between $2500-3500 into it already.

What's your plan with it? To turn it into a dedicated trail rig or something that you wheel but can drive when you want something different?

Are you gonna go bigger then the 3" Iron Rock or are you gonna stay with it?

Is it 4x4?

Essentially what are your plans for it and will you keep the current setup. If no, then I don't see a reason in being a lifted Jeep to only take out the lift.

TJXJWJ 04-10-2013 02:37 PM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
I'd check it out...if the engine will need replacement, you've got ammo to work the price down a little further.

WORST case, you buy it and can do your own work, replace the motor, clean it up and you should be able to turn a profit.

docster 04-10-2013 04:04 PM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
go look...around here 4.0s seem to be a dime a dozen on CL. If you can drop it in yourself, you should be able to easily find one for under a grand.

srtbee13 04-10-2013 05:09 PM

Re: Found Potential ride for new build
As people are mentioning, replacing the motor is no big thing overall. Not knowing Jeeps and Grand Cherokees in particular has me at a disadvantage as compared to the experts here. If it was about a GM or a Dodge full size Pickup, I would be capable of giving advice vs asking for it so to speak.

This project is mainly so I do not have to drive my SRT8 charger in winter weather or extreme weather situations in addition to trying to keep the miles down a bit on the car.

My overall goal is to get something I can turn wrenches on, build into a fun project ride. In all honesty, I must say EVERY 4x4 I have owned over the past 25 years has been heavily modified from high HP motors, rock crushing trannies and Extreme gears 4:56 with 35's (while not extreme, can still climb a tree with a 6500# vehicle)

What I am planning on doing is occasional beach runs Typical air downs to 15 psi nice and soft overall. about a 12 mile run (Assateague Island in Maryland) While trail runs are potentially possible, the chances are slim to naught of doing trail mud fun runs due to the area I live in. So the vehicle will need to be capable of a 120 mile drive to the beach, playtime on the beach for several hours and a run back on the highway.

So to me, a lift kit is not a must have, but puts a good starting point, Not having a good motor is minor as it is easy to replace typically. The lift kit, if it is a reliable one, that's a plus, if not a long travel system is the way I would go. I have found out that if a vehicle has the tow package it has 3:73 gears, otherwise it will have 3:55 which is fine for what I plan to do. Not knowing if certain years have electrical problems or mechanical problems or even rust problems are what my concerns. Things like AC units, Headlights/ taillights steering columns axles, electric seats, tailgates and yes, motor tranny combos which work better or if there are vehicle years to avoid or ones which one should be trying to get over others. I guess I am trying to get the learning curve out of the way before I take money out of my pocket. Another thing which I think is important, which model years are easier and cheaper to modify, certain companies to avoid or seek out for aftermarket parts.

I hope this helps give info of what I can do, what I am looking for and what I hope to accomplish. Also, unless it is a 4x4 it is not worth my taking time to even go look at.

Thanks for the posts and the info that has been provided thus far.

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