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JeepFreak12 04-08-2013 10:46 AM

T-Case Question
Okay guys, so I have a 99 Grand with the 4.7L also with Quadradrive. So it has the NV-247 T-Case. Id like to be able to run 2 wheel drive and i found a NV-242 Select-Trac T-Case online and was wondering if i could run this case without changing the diffs out? Seeing how you can run the NV-242 in All-Time 4wheel i would think i could run it.

Frango100 04-08-2013 01:40 PM

Re: T-Case Question
Not a specialist on this, but i don't see a reason why it would not work. For the diffs it should not make any difference, but it can be that you need different propeller shaft(s). There is a NV-242LD and a NV-242HD, where the difference is the output shaft to the rear wheels.
You will also need a different T-case shift lever. I think that some guys already did this modification, so probably they can tell more.

JeepFreak12 04-08-2013 01:58 PM

Re: T-Case Question
Yeah I figured the shift mech. will need to be swapped out. Just wasnt sure with the couplers in the diff. if it would be the same. Guy wants $150 obo so i think i might scoop it up!

Frango100 04-08-2013 02:42 PM

Re: T-Case Question
The Vari-locks in the front and rear diffs work on speed differences between the two wheels on the same axle, so the T-case type will not make any differences here.

JeepFreak12 04-08-2013 03:28 PM

Re: T-Case Question
Alright cool. Thanks!!

jtbranch 04-12-2013 08:10 AM

Re: T-Case Question
I am also interested In Doing the 247 to 242hd t-case swap just finding an hd 242 is a little harder than expected lol.

JeepFreak12 04-12-2013 01:32 PM

Re: T-Case Question
Try, I have found 3. Cheapest one i found was $150 and im going to get it this weekend.

jeep0086 04-12-2013 07:39 PM

Re: T-Case Question
I have done the swap from 247 to the 242hd. just make sure it has a 32 spline output. if it has a 27 spline output, dont waste ur time, these were for the l6 not the v8. u cant always go by the tags either. some say 242hd, wj , 242j. For the conversion you will need the transfer case, select trac shifter, and new shorter rear drive shaft.

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