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Bohi546 04-11-2013 07:32 PM

Shifting the transfer case in/out of neutral on the 2014 JGC with easy start and ZF8
We just purchased a 2014 GC Limited with Easy Start and the new ZF8 speed transmission. Really like the GC so far, though the trans is taking a little getting used to.

The issue I have is shifting the transfer case into 4X4 neutral. We specifically choose this vehicle (we traded a 07 Commander) because with want to tow it behind our motorhome. It has the Quadra Trac II with the neutral switch which is necessary. Now the issue: the dealer showed us the "procedure" for shifting into 4X4 neutral, it goes like this:
1. Start the Jeep
2. Shift the trans to neutral
3. Disengage the 4X4 by pressing the neutral switch, while watching the EVIC to see when it is in neutral
4. Shift the trans to reverse
5. Release the brake to determine this is no movement.
6. Turn the Jeep off by holding the on/off button for several seconds.
7. Shift the transmission to neutral.

This isnfairly straight forward, but I just don't like moving the transfer case to neutral while the motor is running.

To reengage the transfer case:

1. Hold the brake and start the Jeep
2. Shift the trans to neutral
(now the fun part)
3. Press and hold the neutral switch on the trans case until the 4X4 neutral statement goes out on the EVIC.
This the part that bothers me, shifting the transfer case while the motor, transmission and transfer case are in operation. When we did this there was a fairly significant clunk as the transfer case engaged. My wife was standing beside the Jeep during this opertion and she stated she thought something had broken under the Jeep.
4. Move the transmission to drive to see if the transfer case has engaged.

If anyone has any idea if this is the correct procedure and if there is a less "exciting" way of shifting the transfer case into neutral and really look forward to hearing from you

By the way the instructions in the owners manual do not apply to the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with easy start as the start/stop button can not be removed and the key fob no longer is able to be inserted into this space anyway

Dennisz 05-07-2013 11:11 PM

Re: Shifting the transfer case in/out of neutral on the 2014 JGC with easy start and
Mine does the same exact thing, going into neutral is quiet, but re-engaging sounds like hell, :slapfight: I've tried several times, same result.


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