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connie 04-12-2013 06:21 AM

Wiper fluid Tank replacement
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i had a small accident the other day. i was stopped on the traffic lights and a lady behind me 'forgot' to hit on her brakes and crashed on my WK Jeep - feel very sorry for her /posting photoes below-, and i then crashed on the car in front of me because i hadnt applied enough breaks. My contact with the front car was enough to crack my wiper fluid tank and a plastic thing (something like a plastic section inbetween the bumper and the fore end frame) - it's right behind the bumper/licence plate - but no other big damage in fornt. The damage was bigger at the back which was an insurance cover.

So, i have to replace the wiper fluid tank because it cant keep the water in it. Is there any fast way of doing this job or i have to remove the front bumper.... Read somewhere that you can remove the wiper fluid tank by partially removing the plastic cover of the left wheelwell

If the only option is to remove the bumper to replace the tank i will also replace the other plastic thing that broke. Note my car is equipped with fog lights, parking sensors and sprays for the headlights so will have to be very carefull to remove the bumper with all these stuffed on it....... What do you think ??

brentwoodkris 04-12-2013 11:51 AM

Re: Wiper fluid Tank replacement
Wait, you're responsible for the damage to your front end [because you didn't apply enough brake!?]...I'm glad I live in the US. The driver in the rear's insurance would be covering all the damage for vehicles in front of it due to their negligent driving...

connie 04-12-2013 12:08 PM

Re: Wiper fluid Tank replacement
Indeed but i will have to fix on my own because the car in front of me abandonded the schene and i couldnt manage to take a note of his licence plate. So when the police arrived there was no evidence that there was a car in front of me. Should he had remained i would be in position to get the compensation. But this is what it is now and i have to do the work my own to save the cost.

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