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houtex 04-14-2013 05:43 PM

Paint sealant?
I got my former truck, 2008 Chevorlet Tahoe, new. It was white in color and no problems with the paint.

Clayed day 1 and then waxed once or twice a yaer with Meg's NXT since.

Very happy with the results.

My '14 is coming , brillant black, and I want to keep it as good looking as possible.

It will be garaged and washed regularly.

Would a paint sealant help ? ( opti-coat, nanolex) more so than just a good waxing product ?

I don't follow the detailing world enough to know about these new sealants.

robpp 04-14-2013 08:40 PM

Use a sealant then wax on top of that.

I like the menzerna power lock. A bit thick so need to spread it out......but wiped right off.

Polymer sealant will last approx 6 months. Wax on top for depth.

I like P21S carnauba.

joenjulie 04-15-2013 01:56 PM

Re: Paint sealant?
How in depth are you looking to go...i.e. 22PLE, Opticoat, etc, or are looking for something that you can easily change up, like Menzerna, Blackfire Wet Diamond, etc. Is cost an issue? Go big initially like a coating but then you only have to wash and "maintain" the coating and not even wax it, or do you want to put on some sealer and every couple months top it up, or get a wax that will bond to it(very important to keep in mind) and keep it up like that? Even using sealer, wax, or a combo, eventually you should strip it off, and start over(I typically do it 4 times a year or more, but I change products a lot, and I'm just that way), you'll see better results than just continually layering and layering. I used Blackfire on my Brilliant Black and it was very nice, it's a very easy product to use and adds great looks and good durability. My 2 new favorites are Dodo Juice SN Hybrid(sealer/wax combo) and Esoteric Signature Series Wax(like a sealer/wax combo). The dodo is on my truck and jeep currently(I try something new every couple months). I used the Esoteric from fall to about middle march and thoroughly impressed me, even the wife noticed it's longevity. It's pricey, but it had awesome looks, a little goes a long long way, was super easy, great longevity, and it was developed(by a detail expert Todd Cooperider) to bond to 22PLE glass coating, which is what I'm going to next. I use the 22PLE trim coating on all the plastic, and the Rim&Metal coating on the rims(winter rims stayed clean, no staining, or junk on it stuck from Ohio winter). Again, pricey, but I put the trim coating on in the fall, and it's still like new. There are a ton of options, check out Autogeek, and Detailed Image, there are lots of reviews and write ups on all the products, how to's, do's and don't's ect. A big factor is the soap you use to in sealant/wax longevity...I use Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam for maintenence washing, it won't strip.

houtex 04-15-2013 08:50 PM

Re: Paint sealant?
uggggghhhhhh! Boy you just gave me sooo much to think about.

I work nights and most of the time 10-12 hrs a shift. I have Sunday/Monday off.

Sunday is family day and Monday is training day. I can spare a Monday every so often.

So I guess in order of importance easy of use, durability, performance/shine, cost.

I am not against putting some $$$ on a proven product.

joenjulie 04-16-2013 08:08 AM

Re: Paint sealant?
Sorry, try being me...ooh that looks cool, i'll try that, ooh that looks good I want it, my wife is just like, whatever.;) If durability is #1, I would look for a coating like 22PLE, Opticoat, Gtechniq. Some have better "gloss/shine", other are supposed to have longer durability. The bad part is, finding one that can cure in your timeframe without getting wet, etc. I've yet to put on the 22PLE, it's sitting waiting to go on, but hear good things about it, and the guy who turned me on to it puts it on Ferrari's, Lambo's, down to soccer mom cars at his facility. The Esoteric Wax will bond to it as well, and I really like that wax, it's all that's going on the few detailing jobs I do, it held up to Ohio winter better than I thought, where I live, there's some much salt on the road, when it's dry out, going down the road you leave a "dust" trail of salt behind you. Gtechniq has perked my interest with it's new Exo V2, look it up on People will tell you one is better than the other, yada yada yada, I look at it like this...Ford, Chevy, Dodge, you'll probably get a good product no matter what you buy, some peope are just more preferential. Just my 2 pennies. Good luck, congrats on the Jeep.

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