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mka18 04-16-2013 09:27 PM

8.4N Uconnect Settings Resetting After 3 Seconds
Well after tonight and a bit more playing around with user settings the bugs started to appear in my 2014. First I setup all the uconnect settings like easy exit, lift gate chime etc. Things were fine and I could go back in and edit without issue. Then we set the 1 and 2 driver presets and that's when things got crazy. After doing that you pretty much can't change any uconnect settings going forward. You check the box and it blanks out after around 3 seconds. The initial settings still seem there though even if the checks are missing. It even started flashing the blind spot warning lights like crazy, tried to get a video of it but it was to late.

If you are a new owner though, I'd suggest trying to set the 1 and 2 presets before doing the uconnect settings. Hopefully the process outlined above will help them troubleshoot for a patch.

bill_de 04-17-2013 05:57 AM

Re: Uconnect Settings
Maybe you need to unlink the fobs to make changes. If the memory is set and the fob is in the vehicle, it seems like it should be controlling the features. Just a guess.

"NOTE: Your RKE transmitters can be unlinked to your
memory settings by following steps 1-4 above and pressing
the UNLOCK button (instead of LOCK) on the RKE
transmitter in Step 4."

mka18 04-17-2013 07:18 AM

Re: Uconnect Settings
This morning when testing again, they retained settings and didn't blank out after 3-4 seconds. No crazy flashing of the blind spot lights either. Little bugs are to be expected, so I'm not planning on taking to the dealership or anything. They will issue patches for things like this I'm sure. A few members in other threads had the same issues with the settings blanking out right before their eyes like mine did so it does seem to be reoccurring. Things were 100% until introducing driver settings 1 and 2 and another key fob. Long as they stay the way they are now I'll be happy though.:thumbsup:

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