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Beski 04-17-2013 08:11 AM

2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
First let me say that I have been addicted to this Forum "day & night" for the past 3 months and really Love just about everything about the new '14 Summits. I have been trying to get up the nerve to pull the trigger and get my Summit ordered, but then each day I log on and read about more continuing problems with the '14 Jeeps. Between the UConnect issues, radio & climate, water leaks, bracket noises, rattles, squeaks, gremlins, bugs etc. I'm getting more and more nervous & skeptical.

(Yes, I know somebody will say if I go to a Ford Forum I will probably see the same number of issues with the Explorer!)

I just learned about the Explorer "Sport" and it's 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine and checked out some YouTube videos last night.

Priced out a Sport Loaded with very good options and it was $47,795 LESS Cash Back Discount of $2,000 for Net $45,795. Although I realize I will lose some advanced options from the Summit, the MSRP for that was $54,765 for the 4x4 with Hemi.

It should be noted that I will NEVER go off road, just looking for a comfortable ride in a SUV with some extra power over a standard V6. Coming from an '07 Acura MDX and my wife has a '09 Lexus Rx. (I had a 2004 Exporer XLT that I traded to get my MDX)

Going to check one out after work today and just wondered if anybody has driven and directly compared these 2 vehicles ? Please talk me down off this ledge !! :confused:

Searched and Found this, but a little old now:

SMG1 04-17-2013 08:23 AM

Someone on this board recently traded his WK2 for an Explorer Sport, but I can't remember his username. Try a search and see if you can find it, as he'd be a good person to ask for a comparo.

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CIEGOS 04-17-2013 08:56 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi

Below is the link to the discussion about the purchase of his Explorer Sport

BadAssAltitude 04-17-2013 09:50 AM

I just vomited in my mouth...

Beski 04-17-2013 10:03 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
Thanks for the Helpful Reply !! I can handle a little Vomit here and there, but this is enough for a Heart Attack !!


Originally Posted by emsrescue (Post 805083)
These are pending issues.

My dealer is discussing the lemon law now with Chrysler as the list is long and progressively getting worse. This was one of the first Overlands made in February. I have been a devoted Jeep person for almost 20 years, this has really shocked me. Maybe they will make good. They already admitted the Uconnect is toast and are going to replace it.

Open doors interior lights did not come on multiple times. Dome light switch was checked and in the right position

Going to work in the morning; In the rain, auto wipers did not keep up with rain on windshield, it was set on fast delay. Does not come on even in mist until the driver cannot see.
Last night in rain storm, auto wipers did not come on in full rain until windshield was engulfed in water I had to go to manual.
While driving home in pouring rain, auto wipers stayed on slow delay and did not want to go to LOW setting like 2011 jeep, this was even in a downpour. The wipers are supposed to go from delay to LOW then to FAST, I should not have to manually activate the wipers to low, the sensor should apply the wipers as needed.
In auto mode a car going by splashed a large amount of water on windshield but wipers did not kick on to recover and caused a dangerous situation where I could not see in front of me at night. Wipers stopped working I had to pull over, shut down car and start for wipers to come back on.

Tail gate does not chime when car is in gear and open (design flaw).

Tail gate is out of alignment, right side is up against car, left side has a gap and is out. Noticed this with the rain on Friday.

Starter made a noise when engine had started and starter was done cranking, it was a loud metal on metal sound (clank). It was a cold; remote start.

In Eco mode ear makes a clunk (bowling bowl in car) sound in rear from 0 to 5 MPH
“Speed alert” in options does not work, does not warn driver.

When going over speed bump, you feel and hear a noise when vehicle is coming down, you feel it in the pedals. This is in normal drive height.

Navigation does not hear locations, very bad “Voice Recognition”, will not hear towns correctly.

Radio volume loud and screen froze after engine was off and door open, manually could not turn anything off.

Climate controls go to default many times not allowing a setting to stay after getting back into car.

After phone call screen does not go back to navigation screen, it sits on phone call.
Navigation is off of calibration in which the unit says turn but only after you pass the road.

Navigation screen seems out of focus, fuzzy not clear.

Sirius channels set to skip (delete); will not skip, still there.

Phone calls are dropped with Android phones

Uconnect takes 2 minutes to make phone call after you hit dial. It says “call canceled” then makes the call in 2 minutes after radio goes back on. (blue tooth?)

Back button does not work on dash for anything

All settings go to default once and awhile with all settings

Noisy squeak in center arm rest

Navigation slow to respond takes three to five minutes to get back to route guidance after gas station stop.

Navigation map takes way too long to load after start up, up to three minutes of a start up screen. Already on the road.

SDcard with music or Ipod takes three minutes to start playing, very slow to respond.

Will not shuffle songs, preview screen (TRKS) does not work

SD card has to be consistently plugged out and in to reset radio or radio is frozen.

Wipers do not sense rain or snow right away when car starts up, you have to manually start them as you start driving. Wipers do not keep up in auto.

Air height system flashes “RISING” and will not go off unless you change settings. This is after car has reached its height.

Had blue screen of doom when SD card and Ipod in at same time, system will not shuffle an sd card; completely froze and went into a factory reset.

UConnect System does not pass over any files not MP3 and freezes. System has to be rebooted.

No switch to un-dim mirrors

Heater controls takes up to 5 minutes to change temperature of forced air, interior temperature does not stay constant. AC takes 10 minutes to feel cold air

Thermometer for outside air incorrect, off by 10 degrees

Condensation shows up in headlights, is this normal?

People flash me at night, low headlight beam on. Is headlight angle too high? This is without fog lights on.

At high speeds (70mph) steering wheel vibrates, gets worse at higher speeds. At 75 and 85MPH all of car shakes.

When accessing weather, gas prices, weather map or Bing it takes over 5 to 9 minutes to connect.

Vehicle seems loose when it hits bumps, rifts in road like something is not tight. 2011 felt tighter.

I am envious of all you folks that got your 2014's without any issues. I have always loved the lines of the Jeep and I was really happy with my 2011. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the black paint with the speckles and how nice the car looks. When the stereo was working the sound was amazing.

I guess I made a mistake of buying a new model too soon until the issues got ironed out. All I want is dependable Overland so I can go on a trip. I canceled two trips now until this gets sorted out. I don't dare go out of the area with this vehicle in the shape its in.

SnoFire 04-17-2013 10:04 AM

Then why not get an Overland with the Hemi??

Scottina06 04-17-2013 10:06 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
youll be sorely disappointed in the fords interior

Keirik 04-17-2013 10:24 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi

Originally Posted by Beski (Post 805679)
Thanks for the Helpful Reply !! I can handle a little Vomit here and there, but this is enough for a Heart Attack !!

Umm, that is so ridiculously misleading it's not even funny. You're going to post up one lemon as evidence of it better worse off than your car?
The Explorer is a nice car, but it's inferior in almost every way to the Jeep.

Temerarius 04-17-2013 10:25 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
I did a side by side test drive of a V8 Overland and an Explorer Sport and this is what I found.


Originally Posted by Temerarius (Post 798715)
Well, having spent the entire weekend with two different rigs I can honestly say, that while the Explorer Sport is a nice rig, it's not my cup of tea.

All Saturday I spent with the Overland V8 (as the power will be inline with the CRD):
  • It was supremely quiet (my in laws kept remarking how quiet it was)
  • Roomy (vastly more so than my current 09)
  • Very smooth ride (way better then I would have expected)
  • Lots of features (with the ability to turn them on and off, like the Blind Spot monitoring chimes for example)
  • The ACC took a bit to get to set right (took me a couple tries to figure out how to set it versus normal cruise)
  • Fits in the garage (barely)
  • The heated and reclining rear seats are a big hit with my 60+ father in law.
  • Transmission is like butter (I literally could not tell it was shifting).
  • The MPG was horrid though (I have no idea how you Hemi guys can afford these things). I did 100 miles and averaged 14MPG with mixed City/Highway driving (70% highway, 30% city, staying at or below 60 on the highway).
  • UConnect lay out is a bit odd (as other have said, having to go through 3 menu's to get to the heated/cooled seat controls is annoying).
I then spent all Sunday with a Ford Explorer Sport (again, because the power is inline with the V8 and CRD):
  • It had very sharp handling
  • Overall a smooth ride (not as smooth as the Grand)
  • Intrusive road noise (more akin to the 09 I currently drive)
  • HUGE amount of cargo space with the back row of seats down. If I dropped both rows of seats I practically had a pickup truck bed.
  • Second row is atleast as comfortable as Grand (there was some disagreement on if it was more comfortable than the Grand).
  • Third row was not as uncomfortable as I'd expect (not roomy, but also not designed for a 6 year old only). Having the passenger side second row seat be able to roll forward 2 inches helped even more.
  • Having a 3rd row is hella nice (especially one this well designed)
  • Center stack was ok (not really any better or worse than the Grand).
  • "Overly" roomy. That is, it felt cavernous inside. We found in the front seats that we had to lean to a side to rest our arms on the door or center console. (Clearly designed for someone a lot "wider" than I am).
  • Backup camera is not as nice as it does not do the predictive lines based on the angle of the wheel like the Grand does)
  • The ACC was better than the Grand (to use/setup), but less friendly in function (The Grand geared down for me every time I signaled a lane change left in anticipation of an overtake).
  • The doors are HUGE and heavy. Very irritating and not overly user friendly in a parking lot (In a normal spot, we had trouble getting folks out of the back. Getting an adult out of the third row was actually impossible due to the way the second row folded up and the limited amount the doors would open).
  • MPG was a solid "Meh" at 16.7 MPG in mixed driving (70% highway, 30% city). The killer here is, that in order to get the full 365HP, you need to run some jungle juice in there and spring for Premium. Which is *more* then diesel where I live.
  • No Rain Sensing Wipers (WTF??)
  • I did see some weird glitches with the center stack:
    • The system locked out all volume controls (seriously, I had no ability to change the volume, I had to restart the vehicle to regain that ability).
    • The backup camera went nuts and would not clear form the center stack (again, had to restart the vehicle to clear it).
    • Plugging in my iPod, it spent the entire day indexing it (16GB, so not a ton), and never enabled the advanced features like, Shuffle, Play by Album, etc.. (Compared to the Grand, which, I plugged in my iPod and away we went, full control of everything)
  • No remote start (atleast via the fob)
  • I did like the instrument cluster in the Ford. Having the side screens be alterable was really nice, gave me a great deal more info than the Jeep system did in a glance (not spending a bunch of time poking through the menus like I did in the Grand to get what I was looking for).
  • Lower ride... which meant it scraped the air dam as I pulled into my drive way (NOT COOL.. a 4x4 SUV should not have that issue)
  • Barely... (like, literally 1/4 inch between the garage door and the front license plate bracket) fit in the garage.
  • $3,300 less then the Hemi equipped Overland (with ADG and AWY)
All in all, a nice rig, however, after the air dam scrapping, the difficulty getting in and out of the rear doors, the intrusive road noise, and the fuel expense (sure, you can run Regular in there, but you lose some horses and torque), the Ford Explorer Sport is out of the running.

Beski 04-17-2013 10:29 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi

Originally Posted by Keirik (Post 805690)
Umm, that is so ridiculously misleading it's not even funny. You're going to post up one lemon as evidence of it better worse off than your car?
The Explorer is a nice car, but it's inferior in almost every way to the Jeep.

Yes, I agree that's just 1 Example - and will admit extreme.

But the board is full of posts with MANY, MANY problems and I haven't found too many people with NO problems at all.

I can understand having problems at 100,000 miles, but not at 100 !!

headrushNJ 04-17-2013 10:35 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
One of my coworkers just picked up the 13 Explorer sport (black on black). I must say visually it is really sharp, but I did not go for a ride with him yet. The interior exceeded my expectations but was a little too plain and dry compared to the GC. It also is a lot bigger all around than the Jeep, mostly due to the oversized rear for the 3rd row seats.

Let us know what you decide to do.

Keirik 04-17-2013 10:35 AM

Re: 2013 Explorer SPORT vs. 2014 Summit with Hemi
well, half of the problems here posted aren't really problems, but preferences. The other half are very small problems or people that really haven't figured out how to use the jeep yet since it's a brand new system now.

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