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Zombie 04-17-2013 05:11 PM

Never ever again!
Will I buy a Jeep/Chrysler product. This has been the most aggravating piece of CRAP I have ever owned. In no way shape or form should a vehicle require over 200 wires for the control modules. As soon as it fixes itself again it will be traded off for a GM product. Jeep used to be associated with reliability, I see that the Chrysler company has ruined that reputation. I have searched, tested, wiggled, cleaned, sprayed every connection I can find, cleaned and retightened grounds, pulled fuses, reset computers, and still get the same results every time it rains. SCREW THIS OVER RATED PIECE OF SHIT! Rant over.........for today:mad:

Frango100 04-17-2013 05:16 PM

Re: Never ever again!
So what is the problem???

Zombie 04-17-2013 05:26 PM

Re: Never ever again!
Frango, I have the "getting a load of codes" thread from a while back. Still having the same issues. No dash, no interior lights, starts then dies. At least the power mirror has quit moving when I open the door. Pulled all the PCM and TCM plugs and the were dry. Sprayed them with wire dryer just in case. Pulled plugs for the BCM, dry. Pulled all the fuses related to the PCM/BCM/TCM, all good , no corrosion. Checked grounds, wiggled everything. Aggravated because when its dry, no troubles but if it rains, the piece of crap is out of commission for a week.

Frango100 04-17-2013 07:17 PM

Re: Never ever again!
Sorry, but do you remember where that previous thread is, just to refresh my mind?

Zombie 04-17-2013 07:29 PM

Re: Never ever again! Its doing the same thing again. No dash, no power windows, no dome lights (although they do come on with all doors except the Left front. the courtesy lights on both fronts are not coming on when any of the doors are opened). The EVIC is showing the compass but no info, temp. etc. I was thinking it may be the BCM but the problems only show up when it rains. This may be totally unrelated but I noticed when its below 40 degrees f, it delays locking the converter until the engine reaches operating temp.

Zombie 04-17-2013 07:32 PM

Re: Never ever again!
If this is the BCM or TCM going out, could a dealer diagnose this by plugging it in or would this also just be a shot in the dark for them?

hoffmanestates 04-17-2013 07:45 PM

Any fuseable links???? Getting power/ground to/from these ecu's? Possibly fried internally

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rigst4 04-17-2013 08:24 PM

Re: Never ever again!
SOME of the things you describe I experienced in my '99 JGC with 4.0L. I had intermittent loss of power windows and locks, loss of interior lights and alarm activation on using the key to open the drivers door. Sometimes these problems were of short duration, sometimes long. It seemed like problems that a bad door-open switch would cause but there is no such switch on this body, instead it is controlled by a ground contact. I found that a heavy ground wire in the driver door wiring harness is known to break due to a design flaw. You can pull the boot in the door jamb and examine the wires without a whole lot of involved dismantling. I found the wire is tightly positioned in the harness so even if completely severed, it can still make intermittent contact. Rain/moisture could also cause problems if the ground wire jacket is cut. This is a very heavy black wire, like a 10 gauge, you can't miss it. I ended up taking off the kick panel under the dash and dismantling a few things to give myself some room to work. I spliced and soldered in a new wire leaving lots of slack, no more issues. No special diagnostic or service tools required besides a decent soldering iron. Of couse, you probably have some other bizarre issues as well, even if you do find this broken ground wire to be a problem. Best of luck!!

bill_de 04-17-2013 08:29 PM

Re: Never ever again!
Maybe it needs professional help.;)


Frango100 04-17-2013 09:59 PM

Re: Never ever again!
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O yes, now i do remember your history again:(.
Did you check out the PCI data bus? All your problems seem to come from a PCI data bus which is down due to one of the connected components fails.
I had send you a list of all the components connected to the PCI bus and the PCI diagnostic juntion port under the steering wheel.
The wiring problem mentioned by rigst4 could have to do with it. The black wire in the door boot is prone to break, but i donīt see the connection with rainy weather and the problems.
The drivers door module is connected to the PCI bus, i only donīt know if rain or high moisture levels can come close to it.
I think it would be best that when you have the problem and the engine wonīt start, to remove the PCI diagnotic junction port shorting cap under the steering wheel and then try to start. Donīt bother about the instrument panel and other components, because they are all disconnected from the PCI bus in this case and wonīt work, the exercise is to see if the engine will now start and continue running. If so, you will then have to connect each connection of the diagnostic junction port one by one to point 1 of that port. Since there are still several components connected to some of the diagnostic junction port connections, you maybe have to disconnect then those components to be able to find the real trouble maker.
Attached again for your reference the PCI bus components list and which component is connected to which point of the diagnostic junction port.

2005JGC 04-17-2013 11:54 PM

Re: Never ever again!
The wj has a large connector on the passanger side (a 10mm bolt is what pulls the two sides of the connector together)... I have seen numerous leaking windshields that leak water right onto this connector. water in the connector makes green scuzzy crap and poor connections.

Zombie 04-18-2013 02:32 PM

Re: Never ever again!
Messed with it a little today, hooked the code scanner up and got p1686 (no SKIM bus communication) and P1698 (no trans. bus communication) Also had a PO123 (TPS pedal position sensor high voltage) but it wasn't there 2nd test. Bill de, if I thought they could figure it out by plugging in I would do it but something tells me this isn't a plug in and find it kind of problem. 2005JGC, is the connector inside or are you talking about the TCM connector? Guys, I really appreciate the help, this thing is giving me ulcers lol... Frango, thanks for the schematics, I need to get this thing inside and start tearing in to it I guess. Either that or give it a week and let it heal then find this headache a new home for a trade in. Got my eye on a nice Tahoe lol

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