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SugarFree405 04-17-2013 07:07 PM

Water leak?
hello everyone, this is my first post here on Jeep Garage so i hope i do well. Anyways to get to the point ive had my 05' Jeep Grand Cherokee WK for about a year now and its going great. one problem i found though quite quickly was that when it rains out side, it starts to drip in my jeep. the first time it was a few drops from the safety handle by both the driver and passenger door. soon it began getting worse like dripping from the interior head lamps and at one point in a car wash, literally pouring water from where the windshield and seal meet above my steering wheel.

I took it into my local Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge dealer and they said it was the way the sun roof lined back up when it closed some how causing the leak. so they "fixed" it and surprisingly the leaks stopped for quite awhile. well just recently it began raining again and what do you know, the dripping water is back... now to say the least im quite pissed and looking for any help i can. im planning on taking it back to the shop but i wanted to see if anyone had a similar problem, or think they have a solution?

when i first bought my jeep, the previous owner did say it was in a T-bone style crash damaging the driver side door and frame but had it repaired. before purchasing i took it into a trusted mechanic and he looked closely at the whole car and said that the repair looks good and there should not be any problems, is this something that might have been over looked? or is this a completely different problem? i appologize this has gotten so long but i needed to convey a lot of information. Thank you for reading.

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