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Black_Atom 04-22-2013 01:42 AM

Heater/AC blend doors
Hey everyone am new to this forum and was wondering if there was any recommendations on parts to fix my WJ's blend doors. if you could help me make a parts list i could find on ebay or anywhere that would be awesome.

Frango100 04-22-2013 10:58 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
There are two ways in fixing, or leave it original with the dual zone, or do a simple fix and have only one zone.
For the first one i don't know any brand, but the whole dash has to be removed and the HVAC housing split to change the doors.
The second one name is heater treater and the repair goes via the glove box opening. You then have to cut a hole in the HVAC housing and seal it of after the repair.

Black_Atom 04-22-2013 06:03 PM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
What do you think is a better repair dual zone or one zone i want it running like new. I just check my codes to and they where 52,56 but don't know what they mean.

Frango100 04-22-2013 10:33 PM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
52= recirculation door travel too large (this normally means that the door or hinge is broken. This door can be seen when you remove the blower motor from the HVAC housing at the passenger side foot well)
56= right temperature door travel too large. Also a broken door or hinge.

If you want to have it running like new, you should replace both blend doors (eventhough only one seems to be broken now, the other probably will follow not much later. There are improved blend doors from mopar, but probably also some other brand. Maybe an other member can chime in on this)

Black_Atom 04-23-2013 12:37 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
thanks for the help, I've been trying to get answers from garages and A/C shops but every answer i got was different one place said i needed a completely new a/c system and he would fix it for me for $850

Frango100 04-23-2013 06:55 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
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Depending on how long you plan to keep your jeep, and if you would remove the complete dash to replace both blend doors and maybe the recirculation door, you should also consider changing the heater core and maybe the AC evaporator. Heater cores tend to start leaking at a certain point in time and you would have to remove the whole dash again. Just to have an idea, attached a picture of the HVAC housing with the blower motor on the right side. The housing has to be split to get access to the blend doors, heater core and evaporator.

Black_Atom 04-23-2013 03:27 PM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
do you think i should replace any of the motors that control the blend doors and recirculating door?

Frango100 04-23-2013 06:30 PM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
The actuators normally don't break that easily. The drivers side actuator is accessable via the glove box, so that one is not necessary, unless its broken. The passenger side actuator however is on the back side of the HVAC housing, so that one is only accessable with the HVAC on the workbench.

Black_Atom 04-24-2013 01:05 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
As for the repair i obviously have to remove the hole instrument panel to reach the HVAC housing do you think its something i could do on my own or i should have it done by a shop?

Frango100 04-24-2013 07:12 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
Never did this myself, but it seems to be more a time consuming thing than a difficult one. The whole dash has to come apart, it will probably cost you a weekend to do it. If you have some mechanics skills, you should be able to do it yourself and safe yourself quite some bucks.

Trav1s 04-24-2013 08:56 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
Here are some pics of the way I fixed the recirc door on my 2006 Ram

This thing is a pain. *The good news is that the recirc door sub-assembly is accessible by removing the blower motor and the glove compartment. *Here are a few pics of what is involved with a brief description. *Instead of 5+ hours of pulling the dash and replacing the sub assembly I got it fixed for about $2, 20 minutes of my time and I did NOT have to remove the dash.

Here is a pic looking up into the dash with the blower motor removed and broken recirc door out of the way. *Note the white piece in the enter on the right hand side, this is what is attached to the recirc door motor - the door sits between this piece and the hole in the housing on the opposite side of the housing. *You will need to remove the glove compartment door and the motor to remove this from the housing. *I used a small pair of vice grips to get hold of it enough to remove it. *

Broken recirc door.

Piece used to replace the broken part of the factory recirc door:

After a bit of bending, customization and trial and error of the above mentioned piece, this is my end result:

The white piece in this picture extends into the recirc sub assembly and the blend door motor inserts into the wide end of this piece. *You need to remove the recirc door motor and pull this out of the recirc door housing to reinstall the door. *When you do this make note of the location of the limiter on the white piece in the pic as it matters when you put it together.

Reassemble by inserting and holding the recirc door into place with the right hand and inserting the white piece with the left hand, making sure the white piece is fully seated and paying attention to the tab mentioned in first caption. *Reinstall the recirc door motor again noting tab placement. *(At this point I powered on the HVAC system to make sure it worked as expected. *In my truck the recirc door moved first followed by the blend door.) *Reinstall blower motor and enjoy a warmer/cooler and quieter driving experience. *

Frango100 04-24-2013 09:26 AM

Re: Heater/AC blend doors
The repair you discribed only works for the recirculation door, right? Because you are talking about the blend door(s) as well and as far as i know you can not access the blend doors via the blower motor opening.

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