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TheRosser 04-24-2013 04:57 PM

meguiar's new white wax
I just picked up my 2013 JGC Trailhawk this week and then headed to autozone to check out some waxes and noticed that meguiar's has a white or light colored specific wax. Does anyone have any reviews on it? Any bitches, complaints, gripes?

Also, with the decals on the trailhawk, do I avoid getting wax on them or do i just treat it as part of the paint?

Thanks for input guys!

subbie09 04-24-2013 09:38 PM

Don't buy wax at your local store. Buy the good stuff online. Adams, Wolfgang, Blackfire, etc.

TheRosser 04-25-2013 12:00 AM

Re: meguiar's new white wax

Originally Posted by subbie09 (Post 811081)
Don't buy wax at your local store. Buy the good stuff online. Adams, Wolfgang, Blackfire, etc.

Ive heard good things about Adams, but I am completely clueless what products are what. I see people putting all types of stuff on their vehicles. I always thought you just bought wax and applied it. Simple as that! But now its all type of different layers and what not. So what would i need from Adams that would keep my 3 day old trailhawk still looking new after some time down the road?

subbie09 04-25-2013 05:37 AM

Adams Americana Carnuba wax.

Always wash with 2 buckets to try to cut down on swirl marks.

I always detail a full detail once after winter, and then a half a detail before the next winter. I buff, compound, seal, glaze and wax.

joenjulie 04-29-2013 02:56 AM

Re: meguiar's new white wax
Check out detailedimage. Being new, you shouldn't have to compound, after clay which is necessary, you may need a light polish like Griots Garage step 4, or something with light cut. But really should just need a wash, clay, IPA wipe, then apply your product...and agreed, most any wax from from autozone, etc will last a few weeks and is nothing like some that was mentioned. You may just want to use a spray sealer, or detailer on the decals, if they are textured, the wax or sealer will get in the pores and be hard to get out, if its smooth more like a sticker, you can apply wax or sealer on it.

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