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timbo1969 04-25-2013 07:36 AM

TPMS 5 vs 4 Tire System
TPMS ... 5 vs 4 Tire System

Just purchased a 2003 Overland.
The "TIRE SENSOR MISSING / BAD" message is displaying at start-up. However, was still able to cycle through the steps to display the actual individual tire pressures. Leading me to believe that the 4 sensors on the ground were working.

In reading the information on wjjeeps, it states that you can have either a 4 or 5 tire system.

Following the manual, I took the magnet and re-trained all four tires
at the prompting, noticing that after completing the four installed tires/wheels that the EVIC cleared out and did not offer the training of the spare.


... the ride has the 5 system.
... only four are working or present.
... PO had one possibly fail. Took the one off of the spare and replaced the broken one, accepting and living with the error message.

Well, I performed the Tire Pressure System Test
During a 15-20 minute drive home, the display showed the car with four associated numbers that were equally progressing. (24 on DF, with 22-23 on DR,PF,PR) However, no "SPARE" was listed in the display.

If the spare TPMS module was taken out of the spare and retrained as one of the four on the road ... would the test work as such?
If I were to get a replacement unit and have it installed on the spare, would the "SPARE" show up?

Frango100 04-25-2013 07:50 PM

Re: TPMS 5 vs 4 Tire System
Yes, if you change the positions of the sensors or the wheels, but then retrain the system for the new positions, they should show up in the new positions
The EVIC should be programmed for 4 or 5 tires, not sure however if it would show the 5th tire option if the 5th sensor is not installed. I would just give it a try.

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