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manicmechanic 04-26-2013 11:55 PM

93 ZJ electrical problems.
Well, I've been doing side work on cars recently (was a diesel mechanic over ten years, decided to do electrical work instead, needed something to supplement my income) and my latest "patient" is a 93 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2 with the 4.0. First problem! It wouldn't start. Replaced the fuel pump, problem solved. Well, there were some other issues he wants me to look at. First off, the power windows don't all. I checked all the fuses (no fuse box diagram-i need one!), then i looked under the hood at the relay box...all seemed well, but no power windows. I pulled the driver's side door panel and with the key on, none of the wires going into the master power window switch has power. I know the basics on checking electrical problems, but i need a diagram of the door lock system if i could get it?

Also, the DIC in the dash has no power, i really also need a diagram in this area too...just to troubleshoot this.

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kennzz05 04-27-2013 12:42 AM

Re: 93 ZJ electrical problems.
look for a broken wire in the door loom inside the rubber boot that covers all the wires going from the vehicle to the drivers door try googleing it ive read it many times

there you go

manicmechanic 04-27-2013 11:34 AM

I did begin by looking there. He had someone try to work on it who merely replaced one or all of the wiring harnesses, but i think they were used. I will look at them closer, but I'd still like to find a good wiring diagram so i can find out what wire does what so i can really trace this. Oh, and do you know anything about where the driver info center gets power on these? Need to fix that too

Also, does grounding the purple/yellow wire in the driver's kick panel disable the alarm? His goes ape every time the battery is disconnected and reconnected and he hates it...

Thanks for your help and if you could point me towards a diagram that'd be awesome!

Sent from a crack house in the ghetto.

kennzz05 04-28-2013 06:15 AM

Re: 93 ZJ electrical problems.
found this gotta scroll way down before you get to grand cherokees | Repair Guides | Wiring Diagrams | See Figures 1 Through 50 |
and this is where i started although im sure youve searched this already
i definitly remember reading something about grounding a wire in the drivers door bypassing the alarm but i thought it was a wire that was attached to or around the lock cylinder (which the wire you describe might be) Looking for info on the VIC
Coolant Sensor Bad/VIC removal -

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