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esritz 01-26-2010 07:49 PM

'02 wj differential service
I'm planning on changing the fluid in my front & rear diffs in the next few weeks. I know I need 75w-140 synthetic, but I'm wondering if I know for sure that I have limited slip since I have the selec-trac system (2&4wd). I also don't see a drain plug on the diffs, do I just pop the cover & replace the gasket every time? And how do I know if I have the Dana 35c or 44 on the rear? Any recommendations on mobil vs royal purple for the fluid? How about a good brand for limited slip additive? If anyone out there knows of a good write up, or has experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Chaoul1 01-26-2010 08:07 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
No Drain plug. Unbolt starting from the botton and make you way to the top. No gasket for the differential covers. You need to seal them by using RTV sealant.

No sure for the differentials. Someone will chime in.

Mobil 1 FTW

bmflyfish 01-27-2010 09:58 AM

Re: '02 wj differential service
As Paul said there is not a drain plug, but there should be a plug you can pull to check the fluid level in the differential. You can go to your local parts store and they should have a fluid extractor and you can use it to pump out the old fluid without having to remove the differential cover. But only do this if you are just changing the fluid for maintence. If you are having problems then go ahead and pull the cover so you check to see if there are any metal in the oil. But just remember when it comes to buying tools, you get what you pay for so it may be cheaper if you just drop the differential cover.

You can tell the difference of the rear end by looking at the differential cover,etc. But what you can do to be certain that you get the right equipment is to call/visit your local Jeep dealership with your VIN number. From that number they will be able to give you ever specification and options that was put on your Jeep when it left the factory. If the dealer gives you a hassle then call another and tell them that you are thinking of buying this Jeep and wanted to know what equipment the Jeep is equipped with. You can also find out if there is any outstanding recalls.

Hope this helps! Brian

Chaoul1 01-27-2010 01:56 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
I like to take it out so I can clean some of the metal shavings that may be there. That's why I said to take the whole thing off.

But the Fluid Extractor is a great tool to use to take the Diff. Fluid out also.

Unholyskorn86 01-27-2010 07:08 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
I just popped the plug out and drained it with a syph (spelling), took one bottle of mobil 1 75w140 and squeezed it in that hog. The mobil 1 synth has the limited slip additive in it already am i wrong?

esritz 01-27-2010 11:40 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
Yeah I think I remember seeing something about that on the 75w-140, & that it's made specifically for limited slip diffs. I'm probably going to pull the covers anyway to make sure any metal is cleaned out & give 'em a fresh seal. Thanks for the feedback & if anybody has any other suggestions feel free to comment.

Unholyskorn86 01-28-2010 02:24 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
esritz just make sure she is level, pop the plug off, syph (spelling) it all out, then fill it back up if you wanna go the easy way. if not just be neat and scrape off rtv, clean the inside, reapply rtv, put cover back on and refill.

mountian goat 02-18-2010 06:06 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
if you do have limited slip in the front and rear, along with adding gear oil it calls for special friction additive....i know from servicing my limited slip axles.. good luck

Rich 02-18-2010 06:12 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
Call the a dealer and get a build sheet, they might fax it to ya...

Unholyskorn86 02-18-2010 08:55 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
Just use the mobil 1 75w140 it has the additive in it already. Just pop the rubber plug off, drain with a pump, fill it with the new stuff and bam your done! Just make sure the jeep is level.

josef15111 02-18-2010 11:40 PM

Re: '02 wj differential service
why hasnt anyone said anything about the royal purple? i use the royal purple good stuff also has the slip additive in it. cost the same as the mobile 1 in my autozone. there was a write up in a 4x4 mag about the royal purple saying it lowered the temps a good amount compared to others. just a thought

mountian goat 02-19-2010 07:25 AM

Re: '02 wj differential service
THE gear lube dosnt come with the additive already in it. just call the dealer and ask them about it...i know this cause i had the dealer rep from varsity brothers help me with my axles...

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