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basement 05-01-2013 11:53 AM

MY14 Laredo, base radio, and google maps on an iphone 4
Picked up the MY14 Laredo recently and thought I'd post my recent experience with running google maps on an iphone 4 using Bluetooth.

This post is not to discuss the merits of the free iphone google maps vs the Jeep's built-in nav. I'm not a heavy nav user. I thought I would try it to see if I can get turn by voice working with this combination.

As a starting point, the phone pairs up fine with all vehicle call functionality working properly. Also, the system does not have any problem with retaining pairing after vehicle shutoff as has been reported by others.

I had a lot initial difficulty. At first try, it appeared to work, turn directions was coming in clear and loud, just like a normal call. It would also mute audio from the radio. This is all as expected.

Then I set up for other music sources - Bluetooth audio from the iphone, and SD media. Now, I was no longer getting turn by voice through the car, nor from the built-in iphone speaker. I found that if I set up for Media and specify the source as Bluetooth, I could get voice directions. However, in this mode the voice directions do not annunciate like a phone call. It works by reducing the volume of bluetooth streamed audio from the phone followed by the turn by voice instruction. The problem with this is that if the volume of music is low, then so is the turn instruction from google. The other problem is that this only works with the iphone music stream. It does not work if the system is set for other audio sources such as SD or the radio.

Did some research and found that when the iphone pairs up using Bluetooth to the car, two interfaces are created, one for Bluetooth audio and the other for the phone. It looks like google maps supports both hands free protocol and Bluetooth audio from an iphone. The problem I was getting is that google maps selects Bluetooth audio by default. This means that in order to get it to work on the Jeep I have to specify Media and Bluetooth as input. In this mode, the turn by voice only works with iphone Bluetooth audio. It does not work for any other source and the volume has to be adjusted properly.

To get turn by voice working in hands free phone mode, I disabled the Bluetooth audio pairing on Uconnect. This pairing is enabled by default when the phone pairs. After the phone pairs, you can disable the pairing by selecting Phone/Source and in the menu for 'Paired Audio', select the phone by name and Disconnect. It's subtle, but note that there are two menus for bluetooth, one for Paired Audio and the other for Phone. When the pairing is disabled, the name of the phone will go from yellow to grey and now turn by voice instructions are clear and loud and all audio sources (except Bluetooth audio) is muted during the instruction.

I believe that google needs to provide an option for the user to select turn by voice instructions to either use Bluetooth audio or the hands free phone.

Hope this helps someone.


RageOfFury 05-05-2013 07:47 PM

Re: MY14 Laredo, base radio, and google maps on an iphone 4
Good info! Thanks for sharing! :)

loveracing1988 05-05-2013 11:45 PM

I might have to see if I can do this on my razr... That is my biggest gripe so far for my sync and for my wife's jeep.

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