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JeepMe 05-03-2013 11:40 PM

Pitman Arm Removal
Any tips on getting the pitman arm off the steering gearbox? I'm replacing the gearbox and the pitman are will NOT come off the damn thing.

I currently have the gearbox out of the Jeep, but NONE of the auto parts stores in my area have replacement pitman arms.

I rented a pitman arm puller from O'Reilly. I put that on and cranked down on it. Unfortunately the bottom of the puller is rounded, so you can NOT use a 6-point socket to turn it (have to use a box end wrench). So I took a 17mm wrench and turned it until I could turn it no more. Then I took a hammer and hammered on the bottom of the puller and pitman arm (attempt to jar it off).

After that didn't work I took out the 4' cheater bar and put that on the wrench. I turned that until it started to strip the bottom of the puller. Literally, the box end wrench couldn't hold onto it and stated to deform 2 of the 6 points. So again, I tried to jar it with the hammer with no luck. Then I tried to apply heat and again with the hammer. Piece of crap still wouldn't budge.

Then I attempted to remove the puller...........same result as trying to tighten it. :(
So I said screw it, I'm going until it comes off or something breaks. I pulled out the pipe wrench and grabbed onto the bottom of the puller and kept on tightening. I broke the damn pitman arm puller. WTF!!! :eek:

So it's a long shot, but does anyone have any other ideas? I'm down to either buy a new one and have my DD down until it arrives or take it to a shop to have it removed.

Thumper828 05-05-2013 01:37 PM

Re: Pitman Arm Removal
I just went through the same thing on my old ford truck. The Pitman arm was on there good. Like you,i was deforming the nut on the puller. I got it off buy using some pb blaster and tapping(not beating) the nut on the puller. Turn a litlle and tap,spray,repeat.

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