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duggy2145 05-05-2013 12:32 AM

545rfe Problems
I have done many searches,however have failed to find any insight to this.
Trans has an awfully hard downshift from 5-4 or 4-3.Shakes the whole interior.Varies in severity.I have replaced the tps twice,both speed sensors and fluid.Have tried my (known good)spare TCM and my spare 45rfe TCM.All to no avail.If I remove the battery and hold the key for a bit.....its like a bowl f cream......for a little while.As it relearns it gets harsher and harsher till I am back to where I started.Its doing the drive shafts no good and I think it is what caused the shattered pinion gear teeth.I have tested it with Torque mgt on and off,standard and increased line pressure .There are no codes ,never have had a trans code either.
I am about to yank it out to fit a new converter being built and fit the transgo kit,hoping to catch this at the same time.
Any advice appreciated.

Frango100 05-05-2013 06:04 AM

Re: 545rfe Problems
This problem just started out of the blue, or was any maintenance done?
Eventhough disconnecting the battery will change something in the memory of the TCM, it will not bring the CVI´s (clutch volume indexes) back to basic settings. This can only be achieved by doing the quick learn method using the DRBIII.
I had a rough 1-2 shift after my transmission rebuild and only after the quick learn the shift was smooth again.
But by doing the quick learn you will bring all CVI´s back to basic settings and could eventually cause rough shifting from other gears, but that should smooth out after some driving. Did you check the CVI´s already? (using DRBIII or equivalent)
When you did the fluid change, you didn´t find any loose part in the pan? There could be a problem of a broken spring of an accumulator piston inside the valve body.
I was just looking in the clutch application chart and when downshifting from 5 to 4, it releases the 2C clutch and applies the 4C. The 2C should be ok, otherwise you would encounter problems in second gear as well, but the 4C is only used in 4th gear and second prime. You normally never downshift when in second prime, so you won't see the problem then.
So probably installing the transgo kit would be a good idea, so that you can confirm that the accumulator springs are ok. You will change most of them anyway with this kit.

duggy2145 05-06-2013 06:57 AM

Re: 545rfe Problems
Thanks for the reply!! The fluid change was done through a drin plug so have not had the pan off.Because it goes away after the battery is removed and returns slowly getting worse as you drive I was figuring it was related to the internal electrics.I will get the dealer who has just opened up in town to do the clutch reset and see how that goes before I pull it for the converter and transfer case swap.If it does not help I may do the clutches and rings/seals while its out.

Frango100 05-06-2013 09:11 AM

Re: 545rfe Problems
For what reason are you going to replace the torque converter?
Before doing the quick learn on the TCM, let them note down the CVI's of all the clutch packs. These figures could already show an internal problem (leaking seals for example) and could prevent a second transmission removal.
The accumulator plate on the valve body is also a well known weak point on this tranny. Also the screw heads, holding it in place, are known to shear off and cause problems. The Transgo kit comes with a thicker accumulator plate which should resolve this problem. Also the screws should be torqued per specs. Too much torque can cause the head to fail, not enough torque and it can.come loose.
The Transgo kit also has some heavier springs for the accumulators, causing a shorter overlap time between the clutches applying and releasing, reducing clutch wear and lowering the tranny temperature.
There are also some other springs for the valves in the oil pump and a stronger OD clutch snap ring. For the last two you have to open the tranny. Not a difficult task if you are a bit mechanically inclined. When you want to do this yourself, i could give you some tips.

duggy2145 05-06-2013 10:24 AM

Re: 545rfe Problems
The converter is being replaced with one of Andre's from Edge racing.Slightly higher stall and a billet cover.I have a heavy boat and do a bit of other towing which the lockup clutch didn't like in my old 99 Limited.
Unfortunately the is no one out here that has done much with this trans as its only fitted to jeeps so are rare and there is an aversion to working on them in the trade.

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