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f1anatic 05-06-2013 09:23 PM

2014 JGC Alarm Sensitivity too low ?
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Last night (or rather at 03:38 this morning) there was an EXTREMELY LOUD noise followed by a brief very bright flash light captured by my security cameras. It was associated with a car moving ~ 20 mph from right to left (in the picture). It triggered the car alarms on both my Subaru vehicles. I will skip the details about the need for new bed sheets and not sleeping afterwards etc...:lol: but let's talk about adjusting sensitivity on the alarm. The picture was from over 100 ft away from one of the security cameras.

The Jeep remained...uninterested in the entire commotion. Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the Jeep's alarm ? Yeah sure, the MOPAR UCONNECT is allegedly activated to send both my wife and I a text if the alarm is activated. But I am yet to have proof that the alarm works. It did not work when this bomb (akin to one of those loud 4th of July fireworks) went off and it did not work this evening when I tried to tap on the door panels. This triggers the alarm on either Subaru. Even rocking it slightly will do it as would tapping on any the windows.

Both Subaru cars have a motion sensor that detects vibration and the sensitivity can be adjusted using the potentiometer on the sensor which is mounted on the seat rail under the front passenger seat. Is there anything similar on the Jeep ? Is there any other trickery for the alarm sensitivity ? There is a blurb on Page 22 of the Owner's Manual as well as another one in the User Guide but it does not help. Does anyone have any ideas ? Is it even something we can adjust ourselves or is it dealer only ? Does the alarm even work ? How can you test it? Thanks.

Specx 05-06-2013 09:36 PM

Re: 2014 JGC Alarm Sensitivity too low ?
From what I understand, the standard system doesn't have a shock sensor alarm and it only triggers if the vehicle is opened.

ChrisOC 05-06-2013 09:45 PM

Re: 2014 JGC Alarm Sensitivity too low ?
Try this, sit in your car, press lock on the key fob, then open the door. My 12 will go off when I do this.

If that doesn't work, roll your window down, get out, then lock the car. Reach inside with the fob out of range and open the door.

Let me know if it goes off.

f1anatic 05-07-2013 06:43 AM

Re: 2014 JGC Alarm Sensitivity too low ?
Thanks guys. I will try ChrisOC's suggestion today.
Well, as for not having a shock sensor module, that is not very...premium on a 40K car. It was a 200 dollar option on the Subaru and sold as an add-on to the existing alarm. I do not think there is one for Jeep to just add-on to the existing system.

Humor me - does the Jeep have an engine immobilizer? It probably does - or something similar - since it needs the key fob in the vehicle for the engine to start/car to move. Even on my last-gen Subaru, a hard copy of the vehicle key / and allegedly hard wiring of the ignition will not start the engine.

BobsWK2 05-07-2013 07:29 PM

Re: 2014 JGC Alarm Sensitivity too low ?
I had a 2010 BMW M3 Coupe (MSRP 73,000) and it didn't have a motion sensing alarm. It did have an interior proximity sensor which would set off the alarm if I parked and locked the car with the windows down (which I never do) and if someone reached into the opened window. It also had a sensor to detect if the vehicle was being jacked up to steal the tires. But not all luxury cars have motion detectors. The WK2 does have an engine immobilizer. Has had it since the WJ model in 1999.

But yes, the Jeep WK2 has a very basic alarm system. That's how they keep the cost down.

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