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Cwn86 05-08-2013 05:52 PM

Wk2 vs wk?
Hey guys, new to the forum - looks like a good group here. I tried to search for a similar topic but am coming up short, my apologies if the topic has been beaten to death elsewhere.

My first Grand Cherokee was a 2000, and now I have a 2006. I'm looking at getting another one and one of the biggest debates for me is whether to get the nicest 2010 I can find or move up to the 2011-13 style. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both the WK and the WK2 and can throw out some input on what style you think is best overall.

I hear a lot of great things about the WK2 and it has some features that I certainly like but I'm not totally in love with its appearance. I definitely wont base my purchase solely on what it looks like, so I'm trying to figure out some other pros/cons.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

Scottina06 05-08-2013 07:25 PM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
I had a 2006 and now have a 2011 durango and 2013 comparison. Hands down wk2's

LTrainGC 05-08-2013 07:43 PM

I had a 2005 limited with the hemi and QDII and am now in a 2013 overland with the hemi, quadra lift and select terrain. The new WK2 is much more refined than my WK was - the interior materials are much nicer and the fit and finish is superb. Also the ride is much better and quieter.

If I were you I'd go take a look at a few different WK2's in different trim levels to see the quality across the range, and drive both the V6 and V8. I think once you drive one you'll want it. But that's just my opinion!

berk483 05-08-2013 09:38 PM

Similar scenario for me as well, I had a 2009 Limited and now have a 2013 Overland. I feel it's a huge improvement in both interior refinement (including NVH levels...nice and quiet at cruise) and on road handling. I don't do much off-roading due to the lack of it in my area beside some fire roads, but the snow mode makes this thing a beast in winter weather.

I think if you take a couple test drives you'll see what we are talking about.

Good luck.

IRISH 05-08-2013 09:57 PM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
I traded a 2005 LTD 5.7 that I purchased new for a 2012 Overland 5.7 new. The 2012 is a better quality vehicle with a gorgeous interior compared to my '05 BUT I just don't like my 2012, it is big boring and lacking performance, my wife and I agree that out of my 7 new Grand Cherokees I have owned, this is the only one we don't want to own.
Would like to trade it off, but stand to loose too much this soon.

scooterha 05-09-2013 04:01 AM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
I had a 2010 Laredo and at first wasn't in love with the looks of the 2011's. (imagine right). The looks didn't grow on me after a year with my 2010 One day it was just nothing but love for the 12's, and when Max Steel was released that was it. As others have said, handling, road noise, materials in the vehicle and overall ride quality isn't even comparable between the 2005-2010 to the 2011-2013 models you are looking at. I haven't seen this mentioned, the seats are MUCH more supportive and definitely a lot more comfortable.

Cwn86 05-09-2013 09:48 AM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
Thanks for all the input so far guys, really appreciate it. Everything sounds good about the WK2s overall aside from those in the same camp as me with reservations about its appearance. Irish - It sounds like what you're feeling with yours is kind of what I'm worried about. It just doesn't seem to have that same Jeep styling that I'm used to, looks a little to close to a minivan for my liking.

I definitely need to test drive a few though, seems to be pretty unanimous that it is a better ride overall. I deal with a lot of ice and severely drifting snow in the winter, no complaints regarding handling those types of conditions with the WK2? And any opinion on if the adjustable suspension height feature is worth while?

Thanks again for all the feedback.

Sleestak 05-09-2013 11:55 AM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
I sold my WJ and went to a 2013 Limited to a 2014 Limited to a 2014 Overland within a span of three months! You can say the dealership was thirsty for sales at EOM, where I didn't lose a dime on trading! I love the Overland as there isn't much to hate about it. The $4k package difference between the Limited to Overland is worth it. I never liked the WKs and in my opinion were an embarrassment to Jeep, in my opinion.<O:p</O:p

Viperdave 05-09-2013 12:02 PM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
went from an 07 3.0L diesel WK limited, to a 2014 WK2 overland 3.6

not even comparable in terms of build quality and fit and finish. The wk2 is awesome. rides better, more comfortable etc

terminator02 07-21-2014 03:30 PM

Re: Wk2 vs wk?
I went from a white 12 laredo 4x4 to a 14 Laredo 4x4 blacked out Altitude. I think it's all in the color and options you want. As others have stated, the build quality, ride and interior fit and finish is leagues beyond the WK. My boss has a 2008 WK and it's no comparison. However, like you pointed out, aesthetics can go a long way if you prefer aesthetics. This is one reason I have a Gen II Viper as opposed to the Gen III and IV (I couldn't stand the way they looked and didn't care about interior improvements and performance). To note, the Altitude is a very customized Laredo but the visual difference between my 2012 White 4x4 and my 14 Black Altitude is VERY different aesthetically and get quite a few looks. It's very very sharp.

So with that, you really have to drive both and then decide. I would strongly encourage looking at the exact color and options that aesthetically make sense for you. I find the Altitude the best looking model of the Grand Cherokee bunch with maybe an exception going to the SRT which is nearing 70k. I find the black 14 altitude to be a perfect balance of comfort amenities and overall aesthetics that I am looking for as I don't need all the extra driving packages because I am only a street driver needing a good 4x4 in the Winter. Therefore I don't need air suspension to get an extra 4.4 inches of ground clearance...even in horrible Michigan weather.

My neighbor has a WK SRT black on black and it's definitely a sharp looking ride but I do think the WK2 is a better looking vehicle aesthetically but that is very subjective. Aesthetics appear to be high on the list so you may lean toward the 2010 based on your post. Good luck...this is considered a "good problem" to have in my book.

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