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GuttaFixIt 05-08-2013 06:47 PM

Help Transmission rebuild.
Hi, My wife's 2000 Grand Cherokee 8 cyl. the tranny is acting up. When the engine and tranny is cold it takes a little while to shift into gear. It will move after you start the engine but have to baby it until the tranny shifts. After it shifts it's fine.
I read it's on the way of going. I can buy the rebuilt kit for around $500.00. I very mechanical incline. I have done engine swaps, head gasket and alot other other jobs. Been doing this kind of stuff for 25 years or so.
BUT have never rebuilt a tranny. I will buy a great tranny rebuilt book. Maybe from a dealer.
Not sure which tranny I have. 42rfe? Has anyone rebuilt one of these? And if so would you PLEASE give me some tips?
Thank you, Dan

Frango100 05-08-2013 08:21 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
You came to the right place:D. I did rebuild my tranny last year. You have the 5-45RFE tranny, same as mine.
But before making any conclusions, what exactly is the tranny doing and what not, is check engine light on etc.
You say that after it shifts its fine, but what is happening exactly before it shifts? If you have worn clutches for example, it will start slipping and you soon get a check engine light and a fault will be stored in the TCM memory.
So please try to explain in as much detail as possible what it does and what not, to get a better idea what is going on and what could be the culprit. It could be something easy as a speed sensor or even TPS, or a shift solenoid problem, for example.
If it really is necessary to rebuild it, i can probably give you some tips and show some pictures. I did do a writeup under the thread " transmission slipping" with some pictures, but can show you more when needed.
I did buy online a transmission rebuild manual from ATSG (automatic transmission service group) for the 45RFE, which is exactly the same tranny. The only difference between the 45RFE and the 5-45RFE is the programmming of the TCM, which made it possible to get an extra (5th) overdrive gear.

GuttaFixIt 05-09-2013 03:58 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
I put a new TPS in and took off the throttle body last weekend and cleaned it good. No more carbon. The idle does drop a lot faster and idles around 1/2 a grand or little more. I would say that is fine. There has never been a check engine light on since we bought it. Little over a year ago. This past winter we have noticed it acting up (the tranny). Then since I think it has got worse. Not a lot but still. I want it fixed. I'm very picky and I don't like it. :)) I know I can do it. Just need some tips and a book. lol When it's cold the tranny sounds like it's in HIGH idle until it shifts. Then the noise gets lower. Keep going then shifts again. And then everything is great. No problems. We baby it until it shifts and the high idle noise goes away. It's like when the tranny gets warmed up a little it works great. No slipping, jerking, nothing. Acts like it should. I can drive it somewhere park it and if I drive it again and the tranny is still warm it shifts it's fine. This happens only when it's cold. Mornings and when wife gets out of work. I'm going to buy the book (read it over and over) lol and I'll do it when I'm on vacation this July. I would say it will last that long.
Is it alright Frank if I ask you some questions when I do it? If so I'll inbox you with them. I'll look at your other post to see some pics.
Thank you Frank for responding.

GuttaFixIt 05-09-2013 04:03 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Not sure if this makes a difference but our jeep has 4 wheel drive.
What I think I heard was the rear tires always move. When they start spinning (like on snow) the front tires supposed to grab and act like 4 wheel drive.
Hope I got it right. LOL

GuttaFixIt 05-09-2013 04:06 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
I will try to video tape it and show you what it's doing.
Maybe next week.

GuttaFixIt 05-09-2013 04:30 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Wife just told me that that when she left this morning it didn't do it. When she put it in drive it went fine. No high idle noise or nothing. Not sure if the warm weather we have here now did something? I will keep you posted. First time she didn't hear the noise from the tranny since it acted up this winter.

GuttaFixIt 05-09-2013 05:54 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Just looked. It's a Quadra Drive.

Frango100 05-09-2013 07:58 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Hi dan, you can ask me any question you want, i will try to give a decent answer:D.
Quadra Drive or Quadra trac have nothing to do with the tranny. Also 4x4 or 4x2 have almost no effect on the transmission itself. The only difference is the tranny adapter housing which connects to the T-case for 4x4 or no T-case for 4x2 with a different end housing. The 4 wheel drive system sits inside the T-case (NV247 for Quadra Drive and Quadra Trac II) and vari-locs in the differentials for Quadra Drive only (with some exceptions for jeeps with towpackage)
Many shift problems are caused by one the the two speed sensors. Both are mounted on the left side of the tranny housing, the input speed sensor more at the front and the output speed sensor more at the rear. For a rebuild it is always a good idea to change these two sensors together with the line pressure sensor, which is mounted on the right side just besides the exhaust hanger. When i was you i would start with these three first and see if the problem goes away. When there is a mechanical problem inside the tranny, then most of the time it will always have the problem. If it doesnīt help, at least you have already the new sensors for after the rebuild. All three are mounted with one bolt and you will almost not loose any fluid. Only do it on a cold tranny, to prevent burns and eventual fluid spills do to rest pressure.
But when your problem is spinning rear wheels and no torque to the front wheels, then your problem is with the T-case and not the tranny. Donīt know exactly what you mean with the high idle noise. Donīt let you be fooled with noises which seem to be coming from one place, but finally have an other source. The drive train can easily transfer the noise and make it audible somewhere else.
If you decide to change the sensors, i bought them here; They work with OEM parts and have a very good price. I paid last year USD 99 for all three sensors together.
What i forgot to mention from the beginning, is the tranny fluid level ok and was the fluid changed on regular basis? Also the TPS you installed some time ago, was it a MOPAR part or paralel market? Paralel parts can give some strange behaviour sometimes.
If a rebuild has to be done, it was for me the first time as well and it is a very nice job to do and you will learn a lot about the way the transmission is working.

GuttaFixIt 05-10-2013 03:17 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
I asked my brother in laws best friend today. He's a tranny guy. He has rebuilt a lot in his life time. And most of them were Jeeps. He's a Jeep freak.. lol He asked me if I checked the tranny fluid? I told him no. I forgot to. OOPS!! lol He said check that first. I will tonight when the wife gets home. He thinks it's just down on fluid. Then he told me I should change the fluid and filter because we don't know if it's ever been done. So I'll check the fluid tonight and if it needs some I'll add some. And next weekend I'll change the filter and fluid. I'll also order those 3 parts you told me about. The way I look at it is whatever parts I buy now it's pre-maintence. And I don't have to worry about it later. I plan on keeping the jeep for atleast 4 more years. I will keep you posted.
Thank you

GuttaFixIt 05-10-2013 03:42 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
I found the in & out sensors at that site. Where do I find the line pressure sensor? I have looked and I see a some different ones. Not sure which one is correct.
Thank you

Frango100 05-10-2013 06:36 PM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Yeh, i did mention the fluid level check and the service history. This tranny has two internal filters, an oval inlet filter and a round spin-on return filter. Be sure that you get the filter for a 4x4, because there is some difference with the 4x2.
When you change the inlet filter be sure that you install the seal first in the pump inlet and make sure its flush with the pump housing. Use the butt end.of a hamer or alike to push it in place. Then you can.install the filter neck into the seal and fasten it with the screw.
Both filters are also available from electrical i will have a look if i can find the line pressure sensor.

Frango100 05-11-2013 09:56 AM

Re: Help Transmission rebuild.
Found it. When you go to "speed sensors" and go to the speed sensor kit for the 45RFE, you have a tab " more info". On the lower side of the page you will find the line pressure sensor. When i was you i would send them a message and ask them a price quote for a complete set of sensors and filters, they can give you maybe some discount.

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