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Satanta 05-10-2013 12:02 AM

Cargo/Safari Rack.
On my '94 GCL I built a rack with some angle iron and bolts to support my two spares. Looks ok and has traveled all over the U.S. with those tires on it for photography expeditions.

The new WK is going to get something nicer.

I'm debating between a

Curt: Curt 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack : : Automotive

and a

Rola: Rola 59504 Vortex 48" x 37.5" x 4" Roof Mounted Cargo Basket: Sports & Outdoors

Price is a factor.

I've read about reversing the mounting hardware to get it closer to the top of the Jeep-good idea because, well, I'm short. :lol: I'm also thinking of removing the crossbars and fashioning a mount for the siderails or putting the cross-bars under the rails to lower it further, I need to go out and study the stock rails on top and see what my options are there.

Not see any mention of the Curt on any forums so not sure about the quality. I'm going to go up a size with some better traction tires versus the street tires on the Jeep now and maybe a 2" lift for more ground clearance. So wonder if either of those racks will support two tires/rims plus a hi-lift and misc gear keeping the weight ratio to <150.

I do not want to use the undercarriage stick tire mount as anyone who has ever needed to get the spare out from under it it adverse situations can testify it's a PITA. [[Did it once when I was in South Texas at 2.A.M....can you say Fire Ants? Spare went into the bed of my truck forevermore.

WK2 Rover 05-20-2013 01:51 PM

Re: Cargo/Safari Rack.
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I have re-purposed the cargo rack from my wife's Wrangler to be used with my WK2 Grand Cherokee. The test run this weekend was successful, so we now have a place to carry the Christmas tree and excess camping gear.

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