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rejekted rekoning 05-13-2013 09:05 AM

kicking around the idea of lifting my jeep... help!
admittedly, i'm more knowledgeable with cars than trucks and suvs. ask me how to improve handling in a early 70's chevy sedan and i can tell you. however, lifting my jeep isn't in the realm of my experience. i'm not looking for anything extreme, as this is my daily driver, so more along the lines of a 2" lift. i'm assuming i'd need some bigger tires and better shocks and struts than the stock ones i'm currently running. i'm on a somewhat tight budget, so keep that in mind. i'm running an 07 wk laredo with a 3.7... completely stocksville. help me hook up my jeep.

Kayak83 05-13-2013 11:37 AM

Re: kicking around the idea of lifting my jeep... help!
Rough Country 2" lift/level kit (lots of other brands too) and new Bilstein shocks all around is pretty typical for a moderate lift on a daily driver. It's a basic kit that doesn't add a whole lot of parts and is budget friendly. As for bigger tires, it gets complicated. Depends on how much rubbing you can put up with, really. I went with Bridgestone "Revo 2" 255/70/17's but I'm sure 265's would have been a better look. Mine only rub slightly at extreme lock. Mostly parking garages if I am careless. There are added things you can do to avoid wheel rubbing if you're after large tires but that's another discussion on the pinch weld mod, running spacers (or not), and different wheels.

The 2" is a good look. Just enough to notice a difference next to stock WK's. Mostly, I like that it gets rid of the lower front end rake and evens everything out. A 3.5" would sure looks mean, though. Just not meant for parking garages!

Silver WK 05-19-2013 10:39 PM

Re: kicking around the idea of lifting my jeep... help!
Bilstein all around, RC 2", Spidertrax 1.5", 2013 Rubicon Wheels With 255/75/17 BF Goodrich KM and Wheel alignment

Total with labor $2,085
Upper Control Arm Coming Soon!

EtherealPonx 05-21-2013 01:54 PM

Re: kicking around the idea of lifting my jeep... help!
I also had the same intention with a reasonable lift for a daily driver. However, the wheels/tires was the area that required extensive research to get the right fit. I have an '09 5.7 which came stock with 18" rims. The stock rims had a very large offset (any larger tire would not clear the UCA bolt). I am not a fan of spacers although they seem quite common; unless you use hub centric spacers from a reputable company you would end up with vibration, and the risk of them cracking. I decided to change the wheels

So here is what has been carried out of the past week (amongst other mods):

Bilsein Shocks/struts
2" Rough Country BB
Pro comp wheels (chose these due to the low/negative offset - hence no need for spacers, but definately require pinch weld mod).
Toyo 265/65/17 Open Country A/T tires
Pinch Weld mod

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