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halsneb 05-14-2013 04:06 PM

My new 2014 Overland
So, I have had my Overland for a few weeks now and have a few observations.

This is my 3rd Jeep GC starting with an 02 limited, then a 11 Laredo, and now a 14 Overland. Overall I am very impressed with the Overland, the ride is much smoother, and contrary to what many have said the V6 has more than enough get up and go for the average person.

I love the Uconnect access, but am not sure if after the year free trial it would be worth paying for it just to be able to not have to walk 10 feet to remote start the vehicle.

The panoramic sunroof and adaptive cruise control are also very neat.

However there are a few issues, that I believe (hope) will be addressed in software updates.

1. When using an SD card the system rarely remembers where it was and starts playing all songs from the first on on the card, very annoying.

2. The system often takes a considerable amount of time to detect usb/sd on when started.

3. My external temperature gauge is very inaccurate, sometimes it will be dead on, but today it is 98 degrees out and the display is stuck at 59, and this has happened several times.

4. The glass covering the instrument panel has several scratches in it, most likely done when the dealer was detailing it.

5. Not sure what would cause it, but there is water that occasionally drips from under both sides, just past the back wheels.

6. Just a personal preference, not sure if I like the shifter yet or not, my wife loves it.

This is solely my opinion and experience after have it for a few weeks, overall I am very happy with it, and most these issues can be easily corrected most likely.

Specx 05-14-2013 06:20 PM

Re: My new 2014 Overland
Congrats on the new ride. Check out the troubleshooting section, there's tons of details about some of the early issues people have had and I bet you will find some of the same issues you listed in there with possible answers already. The biggest issue seems to be with the uconnect system so far and a lot of people are waiting on an update to resolve the issues. Note, if you run into a hard error/issue, restarting the system from the engineer menu has been the best solution and helped many so far.

bill_de 05-14-2013 06:24 PM

Re: My new 2014 Overland
5 - probably condensation from the exhaust.

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